Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Nays of Texas

This Flyer's Purpose:  Turn 20 Now Red Texas Congressional Districts Blue


  This is the front side of a flyer I received in the mail. I knew passing healthcare wouldn't placate the progressives. According to this flyer, the next step to offset the high costs of Obamacare is to pass a $20 an hr minimum wage. The left won't be satisfied until they destroy free-market capitalism.

  One thing you can say about the dems that you don't see from the repubs are battle plans. Winning Texas would be huge for them, and I can remember seeing plans to turn Tx blue about 5 years ago. The repubs just seem to be satisfied with whatever they win, and have an image of not only not planning, but not even fighting back. At the nat'l level the party is controlled by the RINO faction, and fight with the dems against conservatives.

Drummer Rick

Yeah, well everything is larger than life in Texas, and that includes blatant political crime.  Democrats brazen enough to steal a US Senate seat for LBJ; steal a presidential election from Richard Nixon (which ultimtely led to President LBJ ); who regularly indict political enemies on trumped up charges; who help engineer the most massive invasion of illegals in—hellworld history?—in order to nullify the American vote;  well, they are capable of anything.  Only solution I can think of is to nuke Austin Texas., which would be quite illegal, unfortunately.  But, then, this is Texas. Hey, I know.  When I was a kid there were tricks to save people in just such a predicament!


Unknown said...

$20 an hour? Why stop there? If we made the minimum wage $50 an hour, then everybody would be rich!

Anonymous said...

A raise in minimum wage will give you skyrocketing prices on everything, destroy supply and demand economic function and complete Soetoro's wet dream of fundamentally destroying the USA faster than he had planned. You could easily end up being a butler or worse for some of his voter fraud illegal aliens that he has invited in and your next latte at Starbucks will cost you $75.00.

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