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Attacking Cosby

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The Attack on Bill Cosby                    

[...] Barbara Bowman, a woman who claims that while she was under the tutelage of Cosby, he drugged and “raped” her, aired her unproven allegations by penning an op-ed in the Washington Post headlined: “Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story?”

Maybe it’s because you never filed a police report. Or could it be because you waited 30 years to make your allegations known?

Unproven allegations against Cosby are being aired during primetime on CNN.

But why now?

First, Cosby has made national news for publicly airing black America’s “dirty laundry.” And black people hate for other blacks to criticize them in front of whites.

In 2008, he told a black audience, “We’re killing ourselves. We’re making fools of ourselves.” He took black parents to task who spend more money on sneakers than they do on their kids’ education, and allow them to bring “street-corner” language into their homes.

And Cosby ripped black “leaders” who took issue with the blunt manner in which he delivered his message.

The liberal elite power brokers in the Democratic Party can’t allow Cosby’s call for responsibility to get a foothold in the black community because it threatens the powerful grip they have on black voters.

Since the professional blame merchants want to keep the focus off black failure and blame white America, Cosby has been scapegoated as a “sell-out.” But now they’ve found another issue they can use to try and discredit and destroy the man – and, therefore, the message – of black responsibility.

Radical feminists are notorious for accusing American men of supporting a “rape culture.” They automatically accuse anyone who questions or challenges a woman’s allegations as “blaming” or “shaming” the victim. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for men to discuss or effectively defend themselves against accusations of rape.

Bill Cosby has been fighting accusations of sexual assault for more than three decades. Cosby has never been charged with rape in a court of law, but settled a civil lawsuit out of court in 2004.


After 30 years there is no way to prove or repute the charge.  But, there is not a word of fabrication or falsehood in the above argument questioning Bowman's charges.  So, was Ed Schultz speaking for the A-Team when he said on his radio show,"'I'd Cheat To Keep These Bastards (Conservatives) Out'" Of course he was. And so too is Bowman acting, I wager.

By the by, I looked this up; (Bloomberg) How Many Rape Reports Are False?  Feminists say 2 percent; others say up to 40 percent.

“ The number of false accusations is what statisticians call a “dark number” -- that is, there is a true number, but it is unknown, and perhaps unknowable. ... I commend you to Cathy Young’s new piece at Slate, in which she details all the problems that confound investigations into false rape accusations.

Here’s what we do know: The 2 percent number is very bad and should never be cited. ... The 41 percent number beloved of men’s-rights activists is better; it involves a peer-reviewed study by Eugene Kanin of a police department in some unknown small city.



Leonard Jones said...

I have read that in some jurisdictions, the percentage
of false allegations of physical and sexual abuse of a
child is 85 percent in divorce cases where custody is
at issue.

I keep hearing "Multiple women are accusing Cosby, yet
the ONLY name I am hearing is Bowman. Clue #1

A woman accuses a man of a rape that happened 30
years ago, yet she never reported the rape until
recently. Clue #2

The foul odor I am smelling is of a liberal smear
campaign with slight trace of Anita Hill and just
a wisp of the rancid snatch of a dead feminist!

Anonymous said...

Didn't he used to play Lacrosse? -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Before anyone defends Cosby you might want to read this


Anonymous said...

Ah, the unbiased observations of

Anonymous said...

Tim, it's not the "observations" of Salon - it's Cosby's rape jokes.

Tom Smith said...

The writer is an assistant editor at Salon, focusing on sex, gender and feminism...............soooooo no bias there. You cant take a comedians jokes and make a character claim but if you did there would have to be a laugh track when democrats talk about the war on women with a picture of Ted and Bill.

Steve in Greensboro said...

You know what bothers me about It's the noise of all those hair dryers.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the left commenting on Al Franken's jokes when he ran for office. Again, the selective offense is hypocritical. Ted Kennedy killed a woman but he supported abortion. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Leonard is right. This thing with Bill Cosby has all the makings of another Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill scandal(?). It won't be too long before Cosby will be vindicated and the loony leftists can conjure up another fabrication to try and destroy someone/anyone.


Anonymous said...

Is Bill a rapist? Nah, rape requires an element of violence. Drugging women and taking advantage of the situation is something entirely different... although maybe not in the legal world. Did he do it? You bet your sweet ass he did it. Not all things are political. The curious thing is, being married for so long, you'd think that he'd have his fill of cadaverous sex at home.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

While raping her Clinton bit her lip so hard it was bleeding. As he left the room he (according to her) said "you'd better put some ice on that." RAPE.

Anonymous said...

My Liege, I was referring to Cosby. Of course Clinton is a rapist. Ask Ann Coulter.


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