Saturday, November 15, 2014


Best Night Ever
Four young women have a series of wild and raucous
adventures during a bachelorette party in Las Vegas.


Never heard of this flic, but it's old enough to have been panned by the late Roger Ebert—and just about everyone else too.  It's off-beat (by my standards) and I loved it.  It's certainly no worse than anything from the "Guy's Night Out" genre that I've seen.  Definitely NSFW, and I larfed me arse off.  I think the ladies would like this tooif they watched it with other ladies.  Netflix.


Anonymous said...

If some producer thinks that trailer will entice me to watch the movie, he/she's got another think coming. The 1/2 second camera cuts drove me away long before the trailer was over. The trailer was so full of noise and flashing images it was uncomfortable to watch. Without your introductory paragraph, I wouldn't have even known the premise of the movie.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should, the steadycam and flashing camera cuts now popular in movies being prime examples. The other day, I tried to watch a Liam Neeson flic, and the whole damn thing was 2-3 second camera cuts from 5 or 6 different viewpoints. I was so exhausted after about 15 minutes, I turned it off.

Sorry, two thumbs down Rodger, before we even get to the movie, just for the anticipated camera work.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Leonard Jones said...

It would have to be VERY good to beat the bachelorette
scene in the Chippendale's joint in the Tom Hanks movie
The Bachelor Party. When he offers the mother of the
bride to be a hot dog on a serving tray and she asks:
"Is that a foot long?" and the guy responds "And then some."

She yanked and yanked but she could not get the thing
off the tray. Beer flew out of my nose!

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