Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Res Ipsa Loquitur        

I suspect the GOP will have the Senate in its possession tonight. I am optimistic for 53 seats, though I would settle for 51. I do not think the night closes with the fate of the Senate being unknown due to runoffs. I think Kansas Republicans will come home to Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS)93% too. The party leaders will work overtime running from their own victory claiming the nation has not just rejected Obama, but also conservatives. Nonetheless, the win is good for America in that it will restrain the President, if not the spending.

There is just no need to reciprocate. Enjoy the victories. Have fun online. Feast on the tears of the liberals. But don’t be a Crazy Pete. Your neighbor, the guy down the street, and even the person stuck in front of you on the interstate with all the “Obama 2012″, “Coexist,” “Evolution,”, and rainbow stickers is a person made in the image of God. There really is more to life than politics.

But I’m still expecting an awesome night on MSNBC!

Erick Erickson; Redstate

Erickson has become my favorite morning read, and because of his plea for restraint, I will not be leaving little bags of feces impaled with a stake  on certain neighbor's doorstoops  tonight.


Esteve said...

Amen. Keeping things in perspective is good for the blood pressure too.

Anonymous said...

I will not be leaving little bags of feces...on certain neighbor's doorstoops..
Right. Don't leave it on the porch. Smear it on the doorknob.
I could forgive them for 2008, but 2012 - never.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

I kind of want 51 seats only, but with all R's in lockstep (yeah, pipedream). Then I want ALL bills passed by budgetary reconciliation only. They won't get past Obama, but it would drive a point home.

Kauf Buch said...

"Impaled with a stake"?!?

Douse the turds with kerosene or lighter fliud, throw a match, and RUN!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon people....did you happen to forget a George Soros company counts all the electronic ballots?

Dayum....missed it by that much -> <-

Prepare to have that just fresh fuked face in the morning.

Anonymous said...

"Smear it on the doorknob"

Right you are, T-G Dick.

Back when the economy went to shit around 1979 because of high interest rates, I lost my desk job, had to go to work for a living, and ended up in transportation. That's truck driving, to them of you that didn't catch the drift.

Anyway, an associate of mine moved down the road to a different company and eventually related that a driver at his terminal had come in off the road, drove his truck directly into the terminal garage, and loudly said to the mechanic, "I want this truck greased before I leave again on Monday" before walking out like he was the boss.

The mechanic, however, was only too happy to comply. Monday morning the driver checked in and the mechanic was there to informe him the truck had been greased per instructions. The driver got dispatched, went out to his truck, climbed in, grabbed the door handle and shut the door. Then he noticed grease on his fingers, said "oh my, this is confusing", or words somewhat more profane to that effect, and went to looking around.

The mechanic had greased the truck, all right. He had greased the back side or underside of every control in that cab: the back side of the steering wheel, the underside of the switches, the front side of the gear shift, etc., basically everything that you couldn't normally see but had to touch to operate the truck. He had carefully wiped off any excess so the grease wouldn't be noticed.

The fight was on, but the mechanic won that one, too, and had gathered a crowd of spectators to watch aforehand.

THAT is what we need to be doing to every Donk and RHINO Repub out there, only using feces instead.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Flaming dog poo is a hoot, but it will never give you the satisfaction of chunky MRE peanut butter smeared on the handle of the shitter on a hot day. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

I can't find the slightest enthusiasm for tonight. I know for sure that Repubs like Collins, Rubio, and the Maverick are practicing dropping the soap in front of Harry Reid, as we speak. [In my best McCain voice] "Mmmm you you just stand there and watch how a real man crosses the aisle, ya Tea Party leppers"...

The communists will probably get more done now that they have to make nice with the ....sensible moderates. They'll all sell cheap. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

53 isn't enough. Need at least 60 to get a veto-proof majority. Anything less than that is only a slight improvement. They could get bills onto The One's desk that Reid has sat on but he'll just veto them. There's no way he'll sign anything significant that comes from a Repub Congress.


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