Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ed Schultz Unhinged

well, he is hilarious


renojim said...

I researched psychological disorders, trying to figure out which one he falls under. Couldn't do it. I think he has them all.

bocopro said...

"Hard to tell just what mental disorder he has . . . ."

I wuz gonna make a comment, but it would be totally anticlimactic after that one.

Leonard Jones said...

Liberals are so much more fun to watch when they are losing
than they are when they are in power. They become desperate
and delusional. Nasty Pelosi today sounded so batshit crazy
as Dennis Miller said, she has to be sleeping upside down!

Anonymous said...

A-hole isn't really a " psychological disorder."

Ralph Gizzip said...

When MSNBC says "Lean Forward" what they really mean is "Bend Over."

Cheesy said...

Giving a drunk his own news/liberal fellatio show is probably not a realistic recovery program...

Anonymous said...

Question is, can anybody be that big an asshole for real, does he really think and believe that schtick, or is he just acting a role knowing full well he's making a very nice living?
Imagine the mentality of the tens of people who watch that bilge every day.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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