Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Flipside-Global Warming

GREEN NAZIS                                    

... somebody hands me a check for a couple a billion dollars I will prove whatever they want me to prove .

... the first 7 minutes +


Helly said...

I have a friend — we can call him Steve, because that's his name.

Anyhow, Steve devotes much of his retirement time to travel, and all the rest to Anthro-Carbo-Thermo-Climo-Skepticism. Whenever I find a new article to read, he's already commented; often more stridently and insightfully than the author.

Now that it's obvious we have entered a new ice age, I asked Steve if he prepared himself for the collapse of his Global Warming nemesis. Greenies just poured $100 million into the midterm elections and got nothing, so they are going to move on. Had he mentally prepared himself for victory and curmudgeonly transition?

No, Steve is going to take Global Warming to the grave. Maybe that's good. If the last generation had remained mindful and unforgiving of Lefty's past atrocities, we wouldn't have to fight climate frightbats in our age.

Anonymous said...

If somebody gave me a couple billion dollars, I would buy Janine Turner.

Sir H the Comet

FishStyx said...

...aaannnnd...Senor Comet IS our winner!!

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