Wednesday, November 05, 2014

For Crist's Stake!

Res Ipsa Loquitur2014 Midterm Elections a Republican Stampede

Dignitas News offers a pretty good election summary HERE. In the meanwhile ...

"Republicans stand poised to have sufficient numbers to call for a Constitutional Convention, by invoking Article V of the US Constitution"

I'm all for this
if I'm the principle architect.  Otherwise, opening this Pandora's box  scares the hell out of me. 

Say Amen?


Jon said...

Now it only remains to be seen whether they will squander the opportunity as they did the last time they were in this position. Time to slap down the RINOs and tell them to fall in line or leave the party.

Anonymous said...

The question of the day is:

will the dems finally realize that obamaKare really is a "jobs killer"?

27 Senators who voted for it either retired or lost their races last night. Republican Governors in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts. . . .ouch!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I don't have to look at Milktoast Charlie for a while. I have no doubt he will be back and is in fact Florida's Jerry Brown.-Anymouse

Anonymous said...

I have to say this, Rick Scott pummeled Crist from day one. Body blow after body blow. I guess politics today demands passive-agressive bitchy confrontation. Mitt Romney could have learned a lot from this Sailor.-Anymouse

DonM said...

Hey Obama, Sit down and shut up. We Won.

Chadd said...

Rick Scott just kept playing Crist's "I love Barack Obama" quote over and over and was called a nasty campaigner. It's funny how using an in-context, verbatim quote from a Dem is always considered to be mud-slinging.

Chadd in FL

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