Sunday, November 09, 2014

Ice Tsuami

GREEN NAZIS                                    


It could be a scene out of a 1950s horror film - an unstoppable 'ice tsunami' gradually moving ashore, destroying everything in its path.

But this footage actually shows the weather phenomenon known as ice floe in action in Minnesota, north America, over the weekend.   Read more:

Ice Tsunami, an extraordinary phenomenon I'd never heard of.  But, I know what this is.  Ice is furious with Al Gore and his  AGW thugs for dissing her (yes, ice is a she, natch) with unfounded rumors and lies about her melting away like, well, a snowman in August.    Minnesotans have only themselves to blame.  They regularly elect Green Liar henchman, giving Gore's followers access to enabling public funds, and a facade of legitimacy they don't deserve.  I am not making this up.  You don't see this happening in Texas or Florida do you?


Anonymous said...

"I wonder what *they are going to do* to stop this..."

Who is they, guurlie? And why would they bother to help you with your home when you are doing zipzeronadabupkiss but making silly videos?



MAX Redline said...

Actually, that was last year.

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