Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mea Candy Culpas

me too


Scott said...

If I bicycle at about, 10 miles per hour, for 2 hours, I can eat a box of Samoas without any guilt. I really like the thin mints or peanut butter sandwich cookies, because I can put a tube of them in my pocket while I ride.

Murphy(AZ) said...

I must say, I admire your RESTRAINT! Only 15 Samoas? A mild tiff, and I'm deep into two boxes of Samoas, but on the REALLY bad days, I stock up on Thin Mints by the truckload! Why do you think they let EVERY Girl Scout sell these addictive cookies? I can buy some from Sally, and a couple boxes from Annie, and a box or two from Kellie and her friend Janice....

The GSA has tens-of-thousands of pushers... er, ENABLERS... so I can get my needs taken care of.

Jess said...

After one of my sweet binges, the requirement to lose the extra calories would mean scaling Mount Everest backwards, in high heels, carrying a midget on my back, and doing so without oxygen, or nourishment.

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