Thursday, November 27, 2014

Self Defense 101

Sure you can


Skoonj said...

Got an error message. Maybe they hired some Roof Koreans.

gadfly said...

AR-15-wielding store owners!

Skoonj said...

Yes, I just found it. I still like the idea of hiring Roof Koreans.

Roof Koreans for hire. Much success during L.A. Riots, no looters at our stores. Added bonus: can't be accused of racism, especially if violent mobs are fired upon. Will provide own ammo, but will charge extra for any rounds spent.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"roof Koreans" - I loveit!

Anonymous said...

Best picture from the LA riots was of a Korean in front of his store with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth firing his handgun down the street.
Should be on the internet somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it.

pdwalker said...

Because a swat team arrived to arrest the bad men with scary guns and chased the looters away?

Wait, what?

Anonymous said...

I lived in S. Cal during this. I remember the Marine Cobras flying up I5/405 thinking what a joke. Like they are going to light up Florence and Normandy with a 20MM. Meanwhile they would not put enough assets into place to help Koreatown. There was a vendetta about to be paid there.

One of the greatest things I ever saw was the Korean grocers pumping the hell out of 12 gauges making the urban democrats run like rats. Later I saw a story on one owner. He was a ROK Marine in the 50's as was his son later. He was one of the organizers. ROK Marines are harder than woodpecker lips. In the end, they were disarmed and threatened and most of their stores were burned. At least they tried. -Anymouse

I remember watching this on KTLA

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