Monday, November 10, 2014

The Flipside with Michael Loftus

Res Ipsa Loquitur        

What if the Daily Show had an enema... ?

Those weary of annoying liberal chatter and America bashing in the comedy realm have a new alternative. That would be “The Flipside”, a weekly half-hour broadcast dicing through politics and culture, but produced by a group of stalwart creatives who have some serious conservative underpinnings, with a few dashes of libertarianism.
Only six (now seven) episodes into its fall run, and the new show has been picked up by three major cable broadcasters and 200 independent stations.
“The reaction has been very positive. A lot of people have been waiting for a show that doesn’t slam America at every turn, or push a socialist agenda,” executive producer Kfir Alfia said in an interview. “Even if we were completely neutral, the audience would see it as a breath of fresh air. They’ve been waiting for a show like this.”
He speaks from personal experience.
“I was looking around at the cultural landscape, so dominated by left-leaning ideology in movies, TV, news. That was a compelling reason to start thinking ‘what can I do?’ ” Mr. Alfia observed.
Indeed, the success of Roger Ailes, the man who developed the concept for Fox News, is not lost on the team, which methodically explored independent ways to market and distribute their broadcast with some healthy success.
“I believe it was Charles Krauthammer who said the genius of Roger Ailes is that he discovered the other half of the American people and made them his audience. That’s what we hope to do,” said producer Matt Sheffield, a longtime conservative blogger and a editor for the Media Research Center.
The on-camera muscle for the promising venture is Michael Loftus, a writer and veteran stand-up comedian who has been on, yes, the Comedy Channel, TruTV and the History Channel, among other broadcast venues. He also serves as producer and writer for “Anger Management” - a daring and noisy video project from actor Charlie Sheen.
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Tommy Lee Smith sent a link to The Flipside with Michael Loftus.  Ever hear of it?  Me neither.  There have been numerous attempts made to air a conservative "Daily Show" that was actually funny; none were, or are.  This is different.  I actually laughed several times while watching  episode one; I think you will too.  If so, this is a major breakthrough; a way to reach today's yoot in a truly entertaining way.  Thank you Tommy Lee Smith!

Here are links to episodes 2,3,4,5,6, and 7  on You Tube.  I intend to post one a day for a week.

PS- Tell me what you think in comments, please.  Did you find it as funny as I did? 


TechnoYid said...

Almost funny, but not quite. Sorry.

altered states said...

I discovered this show a few weeks ago. They're airing it very late on Dish Network in my area. I record it and watch later. Don't know if it will catch on if no one sees it. Thanks for spreading the news.

Anonymous said...

I get so tired of seeing fellow Conservatives drop the ball on simple things. The Left is going to take every opportunity to present us as dullards who are out of touch with modern pop culture. Referencing "The Comedy Channel" - a channel that DOESN'T F@$#ING EXIST - is a surefire way to help them out.

We have to be perfect in every post, every time. No misspellings, no bad grammar, and no COMPLETE F#@KUPS like calling Comedy Central "The Comedy Channel."


Rodger the Real King of France said...

That's the point. IMO Flipside is way worthy. It's as smart as Daily Show, and because it rings true to a broader prospective audience it should be a winner. But then this, like beauty, can't be debated; either one likes it or one does not. I am curious whether commenters watch the Daily show, and whether they like it or not. I do, and I often laugh in spite of myself.

Anonymous said...

I saw this message on a bumper sticker the other day:
"My news channel-Comedy Central / My comedy channel-Fox News". If the owner really thought about that assertion, he would be ashamed. Being manipulated must be easier than thinking for yourself.

drew458 said...

The only thing I watch on Comedy Central is Brickleberry, the cartoon that's so wrong it's just right. Tuesdays, 10:30pm

There are interesting, oddball shows on the Cartoon Network, when it becomes Adult Swim late in the evening. Robot Chicken of course, and now Black Dynamite, which I haven't figured out yet if it's the most racist thing ever or just superb irony.

drew458 said...

And no, I don't watch the Daily Show. I've tried. Many times. I can't. I want to hit Jon Stewart in the face with a chainsaw. What a douche, even worse than Letterman.

pdwalker said...

It was only the last segment that actually made me laugh.

Maybe he gets better in the later episodes. I'll check them out.

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