Friday, November 07, 2014

To Rack and Ruin ... ?

The Obamissariat 

I remember us visiting my parents one Sunday.  My wife prompted, "tell them about your order."  I told them that, yes, their son had just received the largest order in the history of the company I worked for." My mother beamed and cooed.  My dad, after a few moments of furrowed browness said, "How are you going to make your quota net year?"

Now, just days after an historic thumping of the Obamissariat, we are awash with this storyline:
After securing control of the Senate Tuesday, Republicans are already staring down a daunting map for 2016

DAMNATIION!  Why couldn't we have just lost this election.  Why God, why!  But, wait! P.J. Comix chimes in.

Please, Blue Fairy! Oh PRETTY PLEASE!!! Please return the Senate to the Democrats in 2016.

The DUmmies are now praying for the Senate to return to majority Democrat in 2016. However, the very map they have posted shows it is an almost impossible task. I see at most 3 or maybe even 4 chances at the most. Not enough to regain the Senate especially since Landrieu looks like history and Manchin has a good chance of switching sides soon. In fact, the Democrats could even lose a couple of seats in 2016. I am thinking of Nevada tossing out Harry Reid and Colorado dumping their remaining Democrat. Even some DUmmies have given up hope as you can see on their thread, The Senate Map Flips in 2016. So let us now watch the DUmmies cross their fingers and wish real hard for a 2016 Senate flip in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who enjoys watching the DUmmies flip their lids, is in the [brackets]:

The Senate Map Flips in 2016

[Say it enough times and you might believe it.]

“After securing control of the Senate Tuesday, Republicans are already staring down a daunting map for 2016,” Roll Call reports.

[It doesn't look daunting at all. Conservatives states are going to vote their approval of shamnesty?]

“The majority of the Senate battleground in the next election cycle will be fought on Republican turf, with the GOP defending 24 seats to the Democrats’ 10. There is more trouble for the party beneath those raw numbers; only two Democratic seats are in competitive states, while more than half a dozen Republican incumbents face re-election in states President Barack Obama carried at least once.”

[Yawn! Maybe if you DUmmies rub that map enough and chant it might work. Now to the DUmmie hopeful reactions...]

Don't worry Our wonderful Democratic Party leaders and their highly paid grifters...err...I mean "consultants" and "strategists" will find some way to f*** it up.

[COAKLEY 2016!!!]

Yes, but at the moment none of these are "open" seats. I think people don't understand how bad the map was for Senate Democrats this year. Not only were we fighting on Republican turf in many places, but there were so many open seats, due mostly to senators retiring. Right now, there are no open races in any of the states that we would hope to turn from red to blue in 2016.

[Party Pooper!!!]

Can Barack Obama Run For Senator In Illinois In 2016?..... I know he says this is his last job - but isn't it possible for him to go back to the Senate? If he can't or doesn't want to - how about Michelle.

[And you call yourselves a REALITY based community?]

I wouldn't count on a flip in PA. It's not out of the question, but there has to be a ton of negatives for the Republicans to be ousted in this state.

[Okay, enough with 2016. How about if we talk 2018?]


Ann Coulter is similarly insightful ...


Helly said...

Winning is as winning does.

People on Longboat are so happy with this election, I think we'll have a parade with free beer. All the neighbors are giddy, and I couldn't be more pleased to see Crist sent down the road.

However, Republicans did very little to deserve the wave of support. This election was handed to us by a perfect storm of Democrat incompetence. If we can reverse all the Anti-American legislation from the past 6 years, during the next 2, I'll call it win.

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan Pretender in Chief needs to be served up a huge portion of his quote....

"Elections Have Consequences"

He needs to be brought up on numerous charges for Obstruction of Justice on Fast & Furious for illegal use of Exec Privilege, Failure to Execute his Duties as President regarding the enforcement of Immigration Laws and interference with Rights Reserved to the States on Constitutional grounds.

There are many others but lets start with these first. Then withold funding for everything else and see how the game changes.

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