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Lifting the Cuba embargo

The REAL story

His minions (and low-information Americans whose knowledge of current events comes from the MSM and late-night TV talk shows) will claim that Barack Obama's "normalization" of relations with Cuba is Obama's "'Tear Down this Wall' Moment".

But the truth is far less noble, at least for those who truly believe in freedom. For years, Cuba has been propped up by financial help from Venezuela and Russia. Now falling oil prices (thanks to "fracking") have impacted both those countries' revenues from the oil they produce; they no longer can afford to be so generous toward Cuba.

So Obama has stepped in to help rescue "Uncle Fidel's Island Paradise"; lifting the embargo on Cuba will result in new avenues of financial support flowing into Cuba, but will not change the Cuban regime or its policies.

So it's really just a matter of one Communist helping out another.

Which brings us to a quote I ran across today from the REAL "Tear Down this Wall"-man himself, Pres. Ronald Reagan:

"How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

  • (Or my own formulation: You can always tell a Communist, but you can't tell him much.  - Skoonj)
And let's not forget the grand hypocrisy of support for the Castro regime by anyone claiming to oppose racism, be it Obama or the Congressional Black Caucus (whose members have traveled to Cuba and fawned over the Castros) while the Castro regime practices blatant racism against Black Cubans.

Cheers,  The Stu Tarlowe and Skoonj Show

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Anonymous said...

And last night, I saw Scott Pelley broadcasting from Cuba. He was there aiding and abetting his fellow commies. But, to be more or less fair, I have to assume that the other MSM TV news show also sent their commie sympathizers there too. And what would you bet that Rosie O'Donnell (double ugh!), No-Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, and the entire teams from MSLSD and the Clinton News Network are there too. spouting their bullshit far and wide.

Skoonj said...

When US-Cuban relations become a reality, there's one element that hasn't been brought up. Cuba has a "free" health care system. So under Obamacare, patients can be flown to Cuba for medical care, surgery, and so on, and Cuba will be paid by the US taxpayer, through Obamacare. Then the Cubans can also set up clinics in Florida to treat Americans, again paid by US taxpayers, through Obamacare. This is international redistribution of wealth, and US taxpayers will fill Cuban government coffers.

Darrell said...

What's the difference between a socialist and a communist? The commie is in a hurry.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Eddie Marcano comments:

Wait a minute. Maybe we're wrong about this Cuba deal. After all, Cuba's returning all assets it stole from American companies and citizens, right? Right?

I mean, this couldn't be like making nice with a brutal bank robber wanted for fifty years and letting him keep the loot he stole, right? Right?

Couldn't be that you can win and keep the loot if you can just outlast justice.

To borrow a quote from our esteemed leader, he "acted stupidly", for which I would be promptly jailed for saying if I lived in Cuba.

Cheers, EM

Stu Tarlowe said...

A Cubanamericano friend writes:
The only positive that I can see from this shoot-from-the-hip declaration by Obama is we will strive to establish a foothold in Cuba with a diplomatic office. As this wave of American propaganda begins to ease into Cuba I suppose the demcracy wave will follow suit. When I was still in high school mid 1970's, Billy Joel, Radio Free Marti, the Miami Sound Machine, blue jeans and BIC pens were making small dents into Fidel's anti-USA blockade and most Cubanos in Miami and Havana were praying for a coup. Then the boatlift in 1980 created yet another Cuba Libre moment that also went flat. Colin Powell said this morning that he favors the opening of the embassy in Havana but underscores the fact that until our Congress approves the normalization of trade and other sanctions, Cuba is still a communist regime. This is the message that Obama must adhere to and not force another Presidential decree like the amnesty for illegals.

Anonymous said...

I think part Barack Obama's "normalization" of relations with Cuba is about jobs. There's a pool of low wage workers in Cuba, and soon jobs now found in America will be there. Costs a lot less to ship the products back to me from Cuba (rather than China) too.

CF in CO

Anonymous said...

Prior to Cuba being a Commie cess pool, it was owned and operated by the United States Via the United Fruit Company. They were worker bee slaves, although that was the good ole days for them. In five years all the good stuff will have been purchased by US Banking holding companies and the shoe will be back on the other foot.

I have personally given up on everything I used to believe in, except fishing. I know people that fish there and you can still easily find yourself in a Hemingway novel. If people have to die, if a Marine MEU has to be landed then so be it. I expect an 80Lb Dolphin on my gaff soon and that sure beats going to war for oil or any of those other intangibles. -Anymouse

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