Monday, December 01, 2014

G'Bye Mary

#LASen:Landrieu’s Chief of Staff Shoots Her in the Foot (Metaphorically)

  • To borrow from Moe Lane: Come, I will conceal nothing from you. We already know how the Louisiana Senate run-off is going to end, but in case Louisiana Republicans and conservatives need any more reason to get to the polls, Mary Landrieu’s Chief of Staff has just given it to us. With a hat tip to The Daily Caller, he Black Conservative Fund has released a video showing the Senator’s Washington Chief of Staff Don Cravins, Jr., telling a crowd that she will help Obama “finish” his agenda and will continue to vote with him 97% of the time. Here’s the video: (via Red State)


    Anonymous said...

    The bought and paid for vote cast for Obamacare by Senator M. Landfill should have been enough to send her to the retirement swamp. This 97% backing for President B h O(rganizer) will be enough to cleanout and disinfect her office with predjudice.
    L/Cpl First Class Slack

    Leonard Jones said...

    You can stick a fork in her, she is done. All that is
    left is to play the dirge at the funeral that is her
    political career!

    Regnad Kcin said...

    I think doing the perp walk out the office door would be appropriate for Ms. Lardass.

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