Friday, December 05, 2014

Mohammad's Giant Penis

   ISIS's latest killing machine: 10-foot sniper rifle that can
 fire bullets three times the size of a normal gun
  • The fearsome weapon is thought to fire 23mm calibre bullets
  • 'Gun could be effective against lightly armoured vehicles,' says expert
Cuzzin Ricky writes, "How accurate could it be at long distances?  No scope....."

I'll leave analysis to experts like Kim, but one must fear that the Islamos have found Gerald Bull's secret diary. As for the scope, yes!  A glaring short fall.   At the risk of being, like Bull, targeted by the Mossad, I've solved  that problem in the rollover. Don't worry, this is a secure site, so there's no way the ISISes can use my idea.

Isis terrorist photographed aiming a 10-foot rifle out of a window

What sort of effect this gun would have remains open to debate, however, according to firearms expert David Dyson.
He told MailOnline: 'The problem with identifying the effect of this gun is firstly that we don't know for sure what the calibre is, although there wouldn't be a lot of point in building something like this if it wasn't of a significant calibre. Secondly, and probably of more importance, we don't know how well it is made: is the barrel accurately machined and rifled?

'The effect will also depend on the type of ammunition used. These rounds exist [23mm] fitted with high explosive incendiary or armour piercing incendiary projectiles.They will be effective against personnel and vehicles including lightly armoured ones.'
The picture emerged after a show of force from al Qaeda's Nusra Front, a rival group. They toured in a convoy around villages they said they had captured from Syrian rebels.
Dozens of pick-up trucks bristling with anti-aircraft guns and men armed with heavy machine guns drove through settlements in the southern countryside of Idlib.

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Jess said...

I'm guessing they anchored it to the floor, which will work, until the floor gives, and the recoil pinches the shooter against the wall.

We can only hope there's a Youtube video when that happens.

rickn8or said...

Can you imagine the concussion from touching that thing off in a small room?

I wonder if they have to get a new "volunteer" gunner for each shot.

Esteve said...

I don't see the cases of those rounds on the floor coming out of the ejection port on that "rifle." And in typical media ignorance of firearms what the heck is a 23 mm calibre. It's one or the other, Euro or American.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

23 mm calibre!

Good catch

Kim du Toit said...

It's bullshit. No such rifle exists. The closest is the 20mm Solothurn, which is a quarter the size of the gun pictured, and is a total beast to carry and shoot (don't ask me how I know this). The reason that few armies use these beasts anymore is that missiles (eg the TOW or Milan) do a better job more efficiently.

These were originally used as anti-tank rifles in WWI and WWII, but were soon replaced by missile launchers like the bazooka, panzerfaust and PIAT.

And as pointed out, the idea of shooting one of these things without at least a low-power scope makes their practicality non-existent.

I call bullshit on all of it: the pic, the gun, the lot. It's pure propaganda to cow the media (who are both fearful and ignorant of guns and armaments in general) -- the desired reaction to be "OMG!!! Look what the Muzzies are using!"

Anonymous said...

It's a 23mm AK-47. Sheesh, you mouth breathing, drool dripping rednecks should read more Noo Yawk Timez and you'd learn sumpin'!

Darrell said...

The Lahti 20mm anti-tank rifle comes to mind, but it ain't that big.

Anonymous said...

The black tripod is behind the barrel and not connected to the weapon. It may be for a telescope. I see a large spring and below it a shock absorber that will take most of the recoil. It must be very barrel-heavy. Notice there's a strap from the floor to the bottom of the pistol grip to keep the barrel up. A knot can be seen just under the right hand. The actual barrel is visible under the spring. I estimate that to be 37-50mm (1.5-2") so a 23mm bore (a bit under 1") is perfectly feasible. The ejection port is on the top of the receiver. It does look to be 8" long. The opening on the side that looks like an ejection port is actually for the operating handle to come back. That gives a very good idea of the length of the cartridge. I think the bolt travel is about 6-7". Visible over the shooter's hand is the very large operating handle, it looks like a straight chunk of 1.5" pipe. It's a typical bolt action except the operating handle is directly on the rear of the bolt. There seems to be a catch holding the operating handle down securely- good idea.


Anonymous said...

My size estimates are based on the width of the shooter's hand. For most men the hand is pretty close 4" wide. His gloves add a bit.


Anonymous said...

There is no stock. It looks like his left hand is holding a handle perhaps 5 or 6" long off the tail end of the receiver. Even with the spring and shock it's going to recoil a few inches and very hard. A full stock would break the shooter's shoulder.


rickn8or said...

Look there on the floor by the wall. Those appear to be expended cartridges, which should help you get an idea of the actual dimensions of this whatever-it-is.

Wabano said...

The Lahti WAS that big, operational, semi auto and blew up a whole lot of
Christie Soviet tanks in the Finn Winter and Continuation war.

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