Saturday, December 20, 2014

Obama Apologizes to Castro

Is the asshole still in charge?

Are the assholes still in charge?



Anonymous said...

I would ask "Is he dead yet? Wha...?
Either one.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

I've been looking for a place to make this comment without being too off topic. Obama used the term "colonize" to give the impression of moral equivalence when mentioning Cuba's communist government. However, America NEVER colonized Cuba. We liberated Cuba from Spain, who really did colonize it.

Helly said...

Barry0 never got to bow to Khrushchev or Mao or Mugabe. I feel his pain. This is his last chance to connect with totalitarian celebrity.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Two police officers assassinated in New York; another dead in Florida... searches of the NY killer's posts show he PLANNED THIS!

Families of NY heroes are grieving; law-abiding citizens through-out the nation are grieving with them, and the PREZ is going to Hawaii!

The Putz-In-Chief will golf his way through the holidays!

God Bless America!

I had this "waking dream" just a little while ago (good Irish Whisky will trigger this,) what would happen if, after His Royal O'Bummerness steps off Air Force One and boards Limo One (whatever they call it,) AF1 turned around and leaves him there in "paradise?"

He still has his protection detail; but shut off his phones and computers, turn off the "Football" detail, (I don't think any of his detail will care much about being stuck in Hawaii.)

What I'm thinking is, who would notice or even care if the Prez goes "missing" in Hawaii and is NEVER heard from again? Crazy Uncle Joe would step up, but give him a yo-yo or paddle-ball, and he won't be a problem!

As I see it, we have from now till January to convince the Republican power-broker-wannabees to quit screwing around and start making some CONSERVATIVE progress!

Seems to me, if the Repub "leaders" can't see their way to the New Reality, maybe their next trip on a "Third-world fact-finding mission" might end up with an unscheduled departure of their tax-payer funded air-chariot.

In Mikey's World, this COULD happen!


Anonymous said...

What would definitely happen is that I and my neighbors would be stuck with a very unwelcome "guest". His presence here at the end of the year inevitably leads to congestion and inconvenience on a very personal addition to the gag-inducing thought of his "royal" presence nearby.

Strategy works, but use it when he goes to Cuba instead, please.

Fred Jameson
in Kailua HI

Anonymous said...

While King and Queen Obama are in Hawaii there must be some way that congress can grant the desire of many Hawaiians to secede from the US and become their own autonomous nation.

Then seal the borders and shut down immigration from Hawaii.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Just remember: any flight that wants to go IN, can; any flight that wants to come out better be EMPTY!

It's so simple, even the TSA can do it!

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