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My New Years Eve Post Twelve Years Ago.
    John Ray has two entries that are of particular interest to me.  His research on the slave trade, vis·a·vis the demand for reparations in this country, is worth a look ["SLAVERY AND �REPARATIONS�].  The second entry is a link, to a short news item, dealing with the projected demise of the Christian church, Down Under. 
"Religious scholars have warned that Christian churches have become so out of touch with modern life that their end could come within two decades. "
    I am always amused by these complaints, that the "church" (any flavor) needs to become "more relevant." Usually, this involves modifying, Warren-court-like, hard wired tenets (e.g. - abortion) so as to assuage bruised consciences, or accommodate libertine lifestyles. I wish McDonalds had the mettle to tell militant vegans to go fuck themselves, the way Pope John Paul does with Catholic church whinos.  Carry on.

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Stu Tarlowe said...

Ah, Slavery and Reparations! I'm all in favor of reparations for all those who can prove they're descendants of slaves. Then let's come up with a dollar amount and cut the checks. There's just one condition: That once you take the money, you will, henceforth and forevermore, STFU!

0007 said...

And once you take the money you go back to whatever hellhole, mud-hut dwelling "tribe" you came from with NO right-of-return.

Anonymous said...

We can pony up just as soon as the descendants of the tribes that kidnapped them (or whatever) and sold them to slave traders pitches in and accepts responsibility for their part!

Wabano said...

"Christian slaves were cheaper than an onion"...It seem a state secret(ordered by the muslim masters)that the "slavery problem" was first the muslim Barbary pirates enslaving all the European population residing within a hundred miles from the coastline...even Icelanders were not immune, 800 of them were captured in the 1600 years then promptly raped, tortured and worked to death in beautiful North Africa.

Kim du Toit said...

As someone else said: we'll pay the slavery reparations as long as they pay us royalties for Western civilization.

You're welcome.

Flyover Pilgrim said...

I don't think the Church needs to become more relevant to people, so much as people need to become more relevant to the Church.

That being said, the Church is an hospital, for the healing of soul and body.

Anonymous said...

ach, plz. Show me anywhere in the world where there were no slaves evar.

Your "reparation" is not being forced to go back to that continent where "Africa always wins."

getting on the bus, now, Boss

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