Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Terps FOOT and HOOPS Disease


This is a big day for Terp fans, of which few of you are but I am.  At 5PM The 11th ranked (Coaches Poll, 12th AP) Terps play their first ever B1G basketball game at Michigan State.  If both teams play their average game, Maryland wins.  But this is at MSU, and MSU's coach is Tom Izzo,  who I think is not only 100%  reputable but a great coach to boot; so who knows.  I will have palpitations throughout.  Five hours later Terps footballers meet Stanford in the Kotex Feminine Hygiene Bowl, or somesuch (they change the name of these Bowls every year, just as they change the names of stadiums).  The game will be played in Stanford's back-yard on Dianne Feinstein Field at Rice-a-Roni Stadium?  Every prognosticator in the known universe has said out loud that Stanford is as close to being a lock as there is in the 172 Bowl Games being played this year.  Which means Maryland will win, and if they don't, I don't care.  But I will watch. 


Anonymous said...

WHAT does this have to do with The Buckeyes?


Anonymous said...


Jess said...

That makes me wonder if she really likes the sport, or the athletes. I think it's the athletes.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

The officiating was so bad, in fact, that both coaches were livid at different points in the game, and Mark Turgeon picked up a technical in just about the worst situation possible due to what appeared to be a number of consecutive missed calls. - Quote

I thought we were playing at Duke much of the time. Sheesh.

Chris in NC said...

And ya beat them!! And OSU lost too! And Michigan won on the day they introduced Harbaugh! WOO HOO!!!!

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