Friday, December 05, 2014

When Liberals Are Losing ...

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a sheriff who's been called-out by the bad guys so many times it's a wonder he's still walking.  But he is, and the floor is littered with dead union thugs who tried to kill him.  What we have here then, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  is the familiar Liberal contrivance of offering advice to the guy who's just kicked your ass.

Is Wisconsin better off with weaker unions?

Some conservatives think so. Legislators will consider the question when right-to-work legislation is introduced early next year. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said members in his house would begin debate within weeks.

But I think Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican leadership should tread carefully. There is scant evidence that right-to-work laws boost job creation; there is evidence that weaker unions hurt working people. And there is no doubt whatsoever that a fight over right to work in Wisconsin will be bloody. Remember Act 10?

Under right-to-work laws, workers in unionized shops cannot be required to pay dues as a condition of employment. That creates a "free rider" problem for unions as workers calculate that they can benefit from representation without paying for it. As a result, unions have a harder time organizing and less clout. Twenty-four states have some form of right to work including Michigan and Indiana.

Walker says right-to-work is not a priority but he hasn't said whether he would sign a bill if one reaches his desk. If a bill gets to Walker, I don't think there is any question what he will do. He will sign it.

Conservatives have long argued that workers should be free from the coercion that comes from forced union dues, and they believe that right-to-work gives workers more choices. I understand their arguments. Years ago, I was approached to organize the newsroom where I was working at the time by a rep from the typographers union. I declined. As a young reporter, I wanted the freedom to work as many hours as I needed to learn the craft and felt the union might limit my ability to do that.

But that said, I don't think workplace freedom is the real objective here. This is about weakening unions.

James Sherk of The Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank, wrote in a 2011 paper that right to work "makes unions less aggressive and encourages business investment, creating jobs."

Does it really encourage job growth?  (OMFG, YES). 



Esteve said...

Seems to me everything the author calls a bug in right to work laws are actually features as Professor Reynolds would say.

Anonymous said...

I thing Scott Walker actually is one of the best possible candidates for President in 2016. He has proven he is no wimp and stands up to the thug mentality.

I think we could do much worse - Romney, Mccain2? Cruz is a great conservative but, the citizenship thing might be a wait, that don't matter BHO got away with it - no prob - we have 2 possible powerhouses then.


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