Saturday, January 04, 2014

Germans and their cars

Oh My

Don M

Frost Flowers

More proof that I don't know dick about the wonders of this world.
Even more touching, this comment ...

Nancy Haggerty · Saint Patrick's High School, Halifax, NS
I feel sorry for people that don't have God in their lives! He helped me through my little girls illness and death. She was just little and talked about the Angels that came to visit her and that Jesus sat on the bed with her one night. She told me stories about how one of the Angels was reading her books and how they made a noise when they turned the pages. The morning she died , her hand was outstretched as though taking the hand of God Himself and told her big sister to tell me that she was leaving with Jesus now and she died with her eyes looking toward Heaven. I could tell you stories and more stories about things she saw.

Wow. Thanks Don M

Dennis Miller Double Header

Dennis Miller
"The language is a little rough.......but right on point." - Michael L. Harpold

I got caught up in these last night.  The video on your left is all around delicious, but the Pelosi part is groin-grabbingly sacrilicious. 

The video on the right is a one hour HBO show, ca. Bush-43 years.  Don't matter.  It reminded me of the importance of using the "sandwich" to set a bipartisan tone in order to better destroy your target. Reminded me, but impossible for me to do anymore since I'm in full combat mode, and have little self control. I'm hoping to mellow with age.

Bread Kerry is Good
Meat Kerry is An Asshole
Bread Kerry is Good

It also reminded me that not so long ago, Miller could be counted on to attack conservatives out of hand.  His intelligence, manifested in just about every sentence construction, would not allow him to stay that course.  Let's hope that other media wits, like Jon Stewart, will experience the same epiphany (There is some indication  this is happening).

Aside, a testament to Miller's style is manifest in how Media Matters handled his Pelosi assault.  Anyone else would have received the MSNBC approved screed reserved for Sarah Palin. .