Friday, February 07, 2014

Donna Freaking Edwards

It's a Black Day in Mudville
“I survived the Donna Edwards #wpcfdinner speech of 2014,” tweeted
Mike Memoli, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times who sat through the fiasco.

So it was a bad day for Rep. Donna Edwards Thursday, when Washingtonians gathered at coffee pots and in lunch rooms across town and deemed her performance at the Washington Press Club Foundation annual dinner Wednesday night the most painful speech we’ve endured in a long time.
When our congressional district was Gerrymandered, it appeared that rather than being represented by VGG (Very Good Guy), and lone Republican in this miserable state, Andy Harris, we were instead shackled with Donna Edwards.  Not only is she a Democrat, but she's an asshat who would have embarrassed me greatly had I not discovered that my street had made the cut.  That's right.  I kept getting constituent mail from Harris, and nothing from Edwards, so I looked it up and yes!  We kept Harris! 

So, when a neighbor mentioned that Donna Edwards had again made an utter fool of herself, and by reflection us, I said, "no!  we've still got Harris."  He said I was wrong so I just now looked it up again, and guess what?  JFC!  JMFC! HFSGDTH! 

While we're talking about STMF Asshats, there's this story.  Maryland plague Nancy D'alesandro Pelosi, and MD. Rep John Sarbanes, a snot nose elected because MD  voters, like monkeys,  pull the Sarbanes lever whenever they see it, have decided we need to change the Constitution.  I mean legally.  Can you freaking imagine?  The only way that makes any sense is if the convention delgates are chosen by Sarah Palin and no Democrats are allowed input.  Then it's a good deal.

Nancy Pelosi’s Call for Changing the Constitution

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) published an op-ed in The Washington Post Wednesday advocating for the Government by the People Act on the day it was being introduced in the House.

“We must disclose the sources of the money in our campaigns, amend the Constitution to reverse the grievous error of the Citizens United decision, reform our broken campaign finance system and empower citizens everywhere to exercise their right to vote,” Pelosi and Sarbanes wrote.

Arguing it would restore democracy, two top House Democrats pushed for sweeping legislation to reverse the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United speech case, including a constitutional amendment limiting campaign contributions and instituting a taxpayer-financing system.

More Lies from Climate Nutters

"We Stand By It as a Theatrical Work"

The funny part? Watch these two guys blow the glossy WH take on this visual out of the water with just a ruler and some common sense. 

Remember White House science advisor John Holdren’s wackadoodle video about the Polar Vortex? The opening line of the video spoken by Dr. Holdren says
” If you’ve been hearing that extreme cold spells, like the one we’re having in the United States now disproves global warming…don’t believe it.”
He then goes on to present evidence, like this plot of mid-tropospheric temperature, which looks like it is from UAH/Dr. Roy Spencer, though no citation is given in the video. [More]

Arming your postman WTF

Police State Culture

U.S. Postal Service Announces Giant Ammo Purchase

...claiming that the ammunition is a "standard purchase" for the PostalPolice.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, the USPS has amended its pre-solicitation, claiming that the ammunition is a "standard purchase" for the Postal Police. This does not explain, however, why the Postal Police was not listed in the original notice if this is standard.
The Education Dept. has spent over $80,000 so far on Glock pistols and over $17,000 on Remington shotguns.

 Back in July, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also purchased 72,000 rounds of .40 Smith & Wesson, following a 2012 purchase for 46,000 rounds of .40 S&W jacketed hollow point by the National Weather Service.
As the federal government grows larger, more and more federal agencies such as the Dept. of Education and NOAA are forming and arming their own "law enforcement divisions" with hundreds of thousands spent on full-blown arsenals. Even the EPA has its own SWAT teams conducting raids on peaceful Americans. Expect to see more large-scale firearm and ammunition purchases by these bureaucracies as they become even more militarized.

I imagine that most of today's lofos have no memory of the Clinton 90's when, seemingly, not a month went by without some disgruntled postal employee going berserk and shooting dead his boss and coworkers.  Too bad, since those memories  add a little gallows humor to an otherwise not funny at all news item about arming postal workers.