Monday, February 24, 2014

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 Y'know how sometimes when you've had a cold for about 5 days and you wake up very late on a Sunday mornin while it's rainin like a sumbitch and you realize that the cold is gone and you're out of socks, so you throw a buncha dirty stuff in the washer and then give  yourself a haircut and then have a nice long hot shower and shave and all that, and then you reach into the fridge for some OJ to wash down your meds and realize your wife has bought you a nice tenderloin steak that is in dire need of some down-home grillin and onions and taters and the washer quits so you take all those socks and towels and T-shirts and put 'em in the dryer and then load the washer with your bedsheets and you read your blood pressure and it's 124 / 72 and you talk to your dogs and your wife for a while and have a nice cuppa tea with some cookies and then check your e-mail and both the washer and dryer finish their programs at exactly the same time . . . . you know what that's like?

Well, is there any significance to it?  I mean, figger the odds -- cold comes and goes in under 6 days?  Washer and dryer both finish their runs at exactly the same time?  Tenderloin steak for a rainy, shitty day?

Gol-lee, Sergeant Carter.  A whole lotta people don't even get to wake up when they're 73.

Damned near makes me wanna run down to the local Baptist church and re-enlist.  Ron Metzger

MILK Price

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If I am elected every home owner will be requred to have real assault weapons, one dairy cow, ten chickens, and a vegeatble patch in the back yard.

 Milk prices could go up as much as 60 cents in March due to supply and demand issues. California's drought could push the prices up even higher later in the year and into early 2015.
California is sending their cattle to Texas because free market drought stricken Texans have learned to mange their land better than government managed drought stricken California. That's what I see.  Another warning that the United States have ceded their ability to feed their own populations, in large degrree, to a state that is going to fall into the sea, and is in fact already drowning in its poliboro style politics.  Bring back heirloom vegetables, and each home ought have chickes and cattle in the back yard.  You know I'm right.

  The Pacific region has grown (despite having the lowest average price) by taking advantage of economies of size by specializing in milking cows. The United States dairy industry is a technologically advanced, well-managed, and economically important sector of United States agriculture. Future challenges include the ability to remain viable economically while dealing with environmental and social sustainability issues in the form of new constraints from formal policies and from consumer perceptions.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Between 1982 and 2007, New York lost 64.6 percent of its dairy farms in 24 rural, upstate counties as the number of milk processing companies and milk handlers grew fewer in number but larger in size.

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