Sunday, March 16, 2014

But, they have free health care?!?

France's Reckoning: Rich, Young Flee Welfare State
"A warning to Americans .... Obama following in France's footsteps."

Mass confusion in Washington, D.C.
BUT WHY? They have free healthcare?  

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TECHNO CHILLS                               

Two  weeks ago my dentist waxed on about her Fit Bit, and how much it had changed her lifestyle.   It's one of those black wrist bands everybody seemingly wears now.  Never paid much attention to them; figured they were just another  "pink  ribbon" statement of some kind.

"Last night I got home, dead tired.  But then Cheryl (a friend) taunted me about my measly 6899 steps,  so I went out a ran until I hit 10000!"

When I told MoSup about it she volunteered that son Greeper (who I think has a UP 24 Jawbone), told her that I would like it since it would appeal to my competitive nature.  That did it.  I went  to AMAZON and bought two Fitbit Flex bands. They sell for about the same thing everywhere ($98.47 ), but no tax or shipping,  what the hell. .  

Setting it up was relatively easy.  Until.  When I tried to add MoSup onto my computer it got confused (or at least confused me) by seemingly transferring my account to her.  I still have no idea.  Finally,  I just went upstairs and installed on her computer.  Then I had to delete my account and reinstall (losing two days of data).   I created a group with just two people, so she could see and applaud me, and I could see and taunt her (I will never ever let her beat me!).

There was one more surprise.  My dentist-ette told how she could track her progress on her iPhone while running.  I don't use a cell phone at all;  MoSup's phone is not an uppity one, so I didn't expect it to work for us.  But, I do have an iPad (gen 1), so I did expect it to integrate; but oh-no.  I need a gen III iPad for that.  I finally found what I'll call a "sponsor site" to log into with (MoSup had Facebook; I used Google).  There are still things I don't understand.  For instance, it seems that MoSup's data is updated when she passes within 20 feet of  my dongle, which would infer that you can have two devices installed on one computer?  I will guess that some of you are expert Fitbitters, and can answer questions.

Bottom line, and assuming that the NSA isn't using these devices to get into my house (I am very Mozzy these days), I heartily recommend it.  If you're a geezer, you have plenty of time to waste, and this gives you the satisfaction of thinking that you're doing something useful, as opposed to the hollowness of searching Google for every woman celebrity
"nude."  If you're young, it will by-god make you pay attention to how active you really are, and that can't help but make you want to log more exercise.  By the way, there is no requirement to log meals, just the opportunity. 
 Logging food is easy. The look-up database is extensive, and you can modify anything.  I didn't do this for the first few days, but since I know myself, I knew that knowing what I was putting in my mouth would automatically make me "choose" to modify.  For instance, yesterday my sodium level was 5600.  Look where 1/3 of that came from—our salad! 

And this

1 quart23360008.9

I used almost ½ of my calorie allowance on a few adult beverages. HFS.

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The Feel Good Story of the Week (skoonj)

          Father forgive him

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A Somali police officer says a suicide car bomber accidentally detonated his explosives near a popular hotel in the Somali capital.

Capt. Mohamed Hussein said the bomber appeared to have prematurely detonated his explosives-laden car Saturday as he tried to park near a hotel. No others were hurt or killed in the blast.

The al-Qaida linked group al-Shabab frequently carries out attacks against the Somali government, the U.N. and African Union peacekeepers. Late last month, a suicide car bomber detonated his explosives-laden car at a teashop near Somalia’s intelligence agency headquarters, killing at least 12 people.

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