Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Apres Biden, WHAT?

Biden in Poland to 'reassure' allies...

Deploying our best and  brightest

They Blow Up So Young Anymore



Res Ipsa Loquitur

In a Flash he escaped!

                            Nanny State: One regulation away from total bliss         
The Police State               


The Hypnotist

What day is it?  Horry Clap.  It seems cuzzin rickey hypnotized me against my wishes!

Mission: VALOR


Figure a few of your readers might like a place that opens champagne the right way — with a sword. :)
If I haven’t told you, I’m helping stand up a new charity focused on Veteran’s employment.  There is a real crisis with Veteran unemployment, and Mission: VALOR (http://missionvalor.org) is focused on practical efforts to bridge the gaps and provide solid careers, not just a job.  We incorporated last Monday, and have already been doing things to try to help even before incorporation.  Our flagship program will focus on the culinary/hospitality fields, and the testbed will be in the culinary/hospitality capital of the U.S., New York City.

The wonderful people at The Baroness are hosting a launch party on 27 March from 7-9, both to help introduce us to New York and to help raise funds for our 501(c)(3) filing.  Donations are not (yet) tax deductible, but we hope to file ASAP and will be requesting (and paying for) expedited determination.  Please know you are invited to this and any of our events, and I hope you might share the news as well.  Figure a few of your readers might like a place that opens champagne the right way — with a sword.  :)

Any questions, drop me a line or call me at 765-409-5646. 


(C. Blake Powers)

Blake is doing God's work, so if you're in the area, what the hell.  I might even make the trip myself.  Or read  one of his books

Eyes on the Target

Hitler's Mustache                          

Is the regime obsessed with fears of a military coup?

Year of the long knives .... “The SEALs feel increasingly politicized under the Obama administration. One of the things that we demonstrate is SEALs who have been prosecuted for crimes they didn’t commit, found innocent, but sort of forced into retirement. We’ve seen a record number of retirements from the Navy SEALs.

Excerpt from Eyes on Target:

All of this—the purge of top military flag officers, the purchase of billions of rounds of military grade ammo—not for the military, but for use by "Homeland security" and the EPA et. al., can leave any sensible observer with but one of two conclusions:

  1. Obama fears a military coup (why?)
  2. This is, as Garry Kasparov observed, the most inept administration in American history.
  3. 3. Both