Wednesday, April 02, 2014

EPA's Operation Mengele

Ahem, erm, Achtung

Smile Mr. President

Guy Fkn w/ Obama's SS

Slain' This Lucy

Oh My

God Loves You, however ...

Oh My

April 2003

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Some of you were in attendance 11 years ago - when we were all young, virile and full of hope. Did I say virile?

This du Toit school teacher story is so pitiful it's actually funny.

Does Kim dT  remember what that story was?
 " Several Years ago Franken was pushing his new book, "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot" and appeared on C-Span's morning call in show hosted, I believe, by Susan Swain.  The first five callers challenged Franken's facts.  By caller number two Franken was getting a bit testy.  By caller number four he was belligerent, asking Swain why C-Span's screeners  only allowed idiot callers to get through.  Shortly after, Swain thanked Franken for appearing and pulled the plug. "


A fistful of chipped beef with pepper gravy and 2 eggs with probable healthy consequences?
Need I say more?

Need I say more? No, but I will anyway.  The reason this is such a breakthrough is it represents the best way I've found to feel utterly satiated at a cost of just 469 calories, and with that nutrient stat line.  You're welcome.


From Quietly Confident to Super Heroine

Could anything make this more satifying?

A Real Heroine

Notice to invaders



I have today placed you on the list of aliens (heretofore including only squirrels)   upon which presence I shall not put.  You are, as some of you have discovered, made eligible for immediate and swift sanction.