Monday, April 21, 2014

I think I can, I think I can

My New To-Do Goal

l know;too old. But if you don't keep trying new stuff you just shrivel up. 


    Must Eat Brains                     

Blowing Stuff Up

When a woman gets a vibrator, it's viewed as a bit of naughty fun. 

BUT when a guy orders a 24-Volt Sunbeam FKCU Master Pro 5000 blow-up latex doll with six-speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built-in realistic orgasm scream Dolby surround sound system, with huge breasts and pink nipples,............. he's called a pervert.

Cuzzin Ricky 

I'm reminded; watched a bit of a movie titled Lars and the Real Girl on Netflix last year. Dude falls in love with a sex doll and brings it with him to social affairs.  It actually disgusted me. Of course, that's obviously due to my inability to appreciate real art.

Despite not earning back its initial budget in theatrical release, Lars and the Real Girl was critically acclaimed. It earned an Academy Award nomination for "Best Writing (Original Screenplay)", while Gosling received a Golden Globe Award nomination for "Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy" and a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for "Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role". Wiki

The sickest characters?  Them what tried to show their capacity for diversity by accommodating this sick freak's depravity.  Since I only watched about 20 minutes, however, it could be that they were all blown-up in the end, and I've misjudged.  Let me know.

End of Lent

Just guessing here boss

I didn't bother to post any data to Fit Bit yesterday.  This is a guess.

One American News Network


Dear Rodger,
I was surprised to learn of this news network from a nephew and wondered if you'd heard of it.
One America News Network

Fios 116
Tom (Mann)

No, Tom, I'd never heard of OAN.  I do have Verizon FIOS, so I immediately dialed in 116.  I saw what appeared to be a BBC style news program; rapid fire news being delivered by news readers; deadpan expressions; no voice inflection editorializing.  Below are the news topics covered for 20 minutes and 20 seconds, beginning at 7:39 AM 0n April 21, 2014.
At one point a news reader advised, "Remember, if you see any area of the news that is not being covered, contact us at ... ."

Here's what The Daily Beast has to say.

“The news used to be you would confirm your source multiple times, you would report the fact, and you would leave it up to the viewer to determine what we should or should not do. That is missing,” he (founder Charles Herring) said.
Soon Rupert Murdoch’s behemoth won’t be the only conservative cable news station around, the founder of One America News Network, set to be unveiled at CPAC today, tells David Freedlander.
A new right-wing news and talk station is coming to cable boxes later this year, The Daily Beast has learned.[...]

One America News Network, on the other hand, has a two-tier mission: providing opinion-free straight news reporting and right-leaning talk shows.

I'll let this commenter to the Beast column sum up.

Judging by the majority of the comments on here I find it quite amusing how threatened people (mostly libs, progressive, and Dems) seem to be by the thought of this new conservative news channel. Maybe they are worried that some of their ilk might watch and start questioning things.

Thanks Tom