Thursday, April 24, 2014

You don't know what Bliss is.

For the past 13 years, computer users throughout the globe have found “Bliss” in the same spot — a hillside of vivid, velvety grass etched against a Crayola blue sky brushed with clouds.

It's estimated a billion people from heads of state to scientists to poor shopkeepers in Third World countries have gazed into that storybook spot, so simple and vibrant in its imagery that many assume it exists only on a digital file  ... .

Marc Miller

Today's Footprint 4-24-14

Today's Footprint

Butt - Wait!

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Todays Art Lesson
If you're going to photochop ridiculous butt implants ....

NSFW Nipples
Why not make them somewhat desirable?
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David Gregory in the Wood Shed



[...] What’s the matter with David Gregory? And why don’t people like to watch him?

I could have saved the honchos at NBC News a lot of time and trouble. The first answer is: David Gregory is a phony. The second answer is: He’s a jerk.
Gregory is the anti-Russert. His boorish behavior around DC is legendary, from his juvenile tantrums with the Bush press staff to his drunken radio appearances to his diva snit fits with innocent bystanders while filming news segments.

One of the most telling and notorious anecdotes involves Russert himself, who reportedly reprimanded Gregory in 2008 for going ballistic on a poor waitress while the two TV stars dined at a DC restaurant. But “Gregory still treats most of … the newsroom like s–t,” an insider told the Web site Jossip. “Amazing how NBC cares more about food servers than about the people who have to deal with Gregory’s arrogance every day.”

Since Gregory doesn’t have the intellectual heft to carry in-depth interview segments the way Russert did, “Meet the Press” producers have reduced substantive exchanges to a few minutes and larded the rest of the show with fluff and stunts.

That means: If it’s Sunday, it’s “Meet the Jerk.”

Why people hate NBC’s David Gregory-Full

When Gregory was verbally abusing Bush, I saw in him a then Dallas CBS affiliate reporter,  Dan Rather,  being similarly disrespectful of President Nixon.  The nation was shocked and upset by it, but CBS brass (Cronkite, in Rather's case) liked the cut of his jib.  It was no surprise then that Gregory was given "Meet the Press."  The Liberals who control our media are - all together now - arrogant, condescending, and utterly clueless assclowns. And wayyyyyyy left-wing.

Green Bread

I am not making this up
In my bachelor days I saw this in my fridge every day.

Maryland wants California's spot ....

Mirror Mirror ... The most corrupt state of all is???

Using Occam's Razor, plain common sense, or a jumper cable  genital clamp;  the only reason on earth to adopt ....
.... Is
Boned JelloEarly voting
Voter fraud
Boned JelloOnline voting
Voter fraud
Boned JelloNo ID requirement Voting
Voter fraud
Boned JelloUnrestricted absentee voting
Voter fraud
Boned JelloI know I missed one
Voter fraud

Have you heard the latest scheme by the one-party state of Maryland? Today, the State Board of Elections will vote whether to adopt Internet voting in our state.

This means they will be hiring software vendors to set up a “secure” website intended to facilitate voting for Maryland citizens.

I learned that in Montgomery County, for example – a County that prides itself on “clean” elections – the Board of Elections delivers the machines to schools a full week ahead of the elections, where they are guarded by SEIU union members. And then people wonder when the results on the machines don’t track with voters’ stated intentions?
If you think that is going to work, just look at the State’s failed health care exchange, a boondoggle that was supposed to be Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s signature “achievement.” Oops, guess he’s not talking much about the waste of $300 million of taxpayer dollars these days.

But this is more than just a boondoggle and a waste of money: it is an open door to massive voter fraud in our State.

Ken Timmerman

Washington D.C. Whore, etc.

Murder Bay

View of Red Light District on C. Street, N.W., near 13th, with Griffin Veatch, who was showing me around. No. 6 Special Messenger Service, 1223 New York Ave., N.W.; he lives 1643 Cramer St., N.E. He said he commenced the messenger service at 11 yrs. old. Has worked all night a couple of years, and now works until 10 P.M. Is known to Truant Officers. Family has had trouble with him. Says he is 17 but doesn’t look it. Quite profane, but (apparently) not very wise about this district although he says he goes to these houses occasionally. Location: Washington (D.C.), District of Columbia. (Library of Congress)
Illustration of a perceived scenario of sexual misconduct in 1883

Tommy "Mann Act" Mann sent this delicious retrospective that he titled "Some things never change."  Actually they do change, a little.  Today, more often than not, it would be a male page sitting on Mr. Representative's lap.  And, there are no longer "close to 100 houses of prostitution" just east of the White House. Only 10, or so.

The article itself is about an area of D.C. once called the "Murder Bay;" a 'hood with all the tone and tenor of Jack the Ripper London.

Then the streets were unpaved, except certain of the principal thoroughfares; the houses were for the most part mean and straggling, while the moral atmosphere was almost in accord with the condition of the town itself. Gambling establishments, some of the highest order, and descending by gradations to dens of the lowest character, where life itself was frequently sacrificed on the turning of a card. Thieves and unprincipled men and women, as ready to cut a throat as pick a pocket, flourished and walked the streets in certain sections in open daylight, while at night they frequented the haunts of vice and selected their victims from among the unsophisticated without fear of law or justice. In those sections it was unsafe for any one with the slightest appearance of respectability to enter after nightfall. There were, of course, the respectable sections, and numbers of people lived here and mingled in society who knew little or nothing of the darker localities, except as they were brough to their attention through the newspapers; but to the people who saw down-town life, as it may be termed, after the town was buried in darkness, except for the straggling rays from dim street lamps or the light from the saloons and gambling places, Washington was a wild and weird place.
 I've been around D.C. all of my life, sometimes, and never heard of Murder Bay.  I know about Bloody Point on the Cheasapeke, but not this.   Horry Clap.  I can find no mention of why Bloody Point os called Bloody Point.  Now I'll have to do that work too.  Stay tuned. Sheesh.

Full Murder Bay

Nancy Cantor

Eric Cantor; Oh My
Vote Straight Line Teaparty (and oust  faux  TPs elected last time)