Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We're buying who what?

Obama keeps topping himself

"As we're leaving, the Afghan military, they're looking for helicopters," Hoekstra explained. "They want about 90 attack helicopters. All right. You say, 'Hey, great! They're going to be buying 90 helicopters, that's going to be putting a lot of Americans to work.'

"Wrong. We're buying Russian helicopters for the Afghan military, and the interesting thing about helicopters is that they're high-maintenance. So, not only are we buying about a billion dollars' worth of Russian helicopters, but we're also providing the Russian military industrial complex, the people that build these helicopters, we're providing them with maintenance contracts that are multiple numbers of this one billion," he said Monday.

I am not making this up.  cuzzin ricky

Hollandaise Tunnel


Don't look at me; I'm hideous
My favorite sandwich is peanut butter, mayo and lettuce on white bread for chrissake.  I like to cook, but that doesn't make me a food snob.  When I am cooking gourmet however, especially for a live audience in the other room, and don't have something, I use the Cooks Thesaurus.  If  something's too hard, or the chances of blowing the whole thing (see Hollandaise) are high,  I take the expedient option every time.  That's what this is about.

The bossy nagger and hubby were in D.C. last August for a Justin Bieber concert, and stopped by for breakfast on Sunday (by invitation). When I asked, she said their favorite is Eggs Benedict.  I used Knorr.  She laughed out loud. Said it looked hideous, and tasted even more terrible than hideous. And de-linked me when she got home.  Now, however, she's acting like an adult again; being constructive and all.  

best evar...I'm stunned

Wow. I just had grilled cheese on white bread, with a slice of deli pickle and topped w/that Hollandaise!  To die for.  Oafish and snobby behavior, forgotten.