Saturday, May 03, 2014

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The 1950's - Another Time, Another Place

Another Time, Another Place

My best friend in high school, Wally Ruzek, just sent me this "Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place" video.  It particularly resonates because Wally was from Long Island, me from Chicago, so we sort of  assimilated together into the preppy Towson HS culture.  Wally looked like Wally Cleaver, and he had the biggest collection of 45's I ever saw.  Having come from New York many of them were songs I, and certainly few in Maryland, had ever heard of.  Like the Dubs. The Five Satin's "In the Still of the Night," remains to this day one of my favorite tunes.

 I want to say I don't want to live in the past, but I am very comfortable there, and feel very fortunate to have come of age while Ike was president; a time when accidentally brushing against the softness of a girl's breast would make your head spin. Today, stuff like this is more than I can handle.  

Red Fox


Red Fox Sniffing

In the morning we will very often find a red fox standing on our front  lawn, or see him/her  strolling zippety-doo-dah casual down the middle of the street.  A cool thing.

In our early days here, we would often awake in the pre-dawn hour to the blood curdling sound of a rabbit screaming whilst being ripped apart by a fox.  Or so imagination dictated.  
Some people, alarmed, called animal control who would then be obligated to dutifully spend a few days trapping them and, we told our children, drive them to the eastern shore where they would be ever so happy. Ahem.

In the aftermath, the rabbit population would explode, and nobody could grow vegetables, or even leafy plants.  Finally, I looked up fox sounds on this new thing called the internet, and was able to report at the next Brie and Chardonnay tasting that  what we were hearing were sounds of hungry fox cubs.  Much buzzing.

Come the foxes, rabbit problem solved.  It's a cycle. We all expect that some New York transplant will soon report our red fox, and it will disappear.  It's a cycle.  I'm cool with it.