Saturday, May 17, 2014


recommended a movie last week saying "it reminded me of you?"  What was it?

On the ball media.

Bengahzi? Give them a few more years.


Oh My

Hallo, Gestapo?

Oh My

What I Want To Be ...

Oh My

A Comer

Bishop Sheen on MFCCS

 "The Kiss That Blistered"

The Dennis Praeger video below's message is that we have failed to pass on to our children the Big Idea.  The values that formed this nation, and unarguably made us the greatest nation in this cycle of human history.  I don't proselytize here, but some things are so much a part of who I am that they cannot be ignored in the context of today's turmoil.

As a kid (I apologize to those who've heard this) in Catholic school (Chicago),  we were literally compelled to watch  Bishop Sheen's "Life is Worth Living" 
on Monday evening.  It cannot have been for religious indoctrination since we were immersed in it anyway.  It was more than that. The nuns would quiz us the next morning to weed out miscreants who had succumbed to Milton Berle (who joked "He uses old material too.").

Anyway, the reason Sheen's show was an Emmy winner was due in no small part to his delivery and stage presence.  He began every show with a humorous anecdote that segued into his message.  That message was seldom religious, but would lay a foundation for one that often was.  At any rate, he reflected the values of a nation,  and was part of our character formation.

Start this video at the 1:07 mark and watch until his point about Communism is made (ahem), and he moves into Judas's betrayal of Jesus parallel (to avoid the religious part). 

 I think that most people here will agree that these ideas were part and parcel of  their own experience and belief, and why the hair raises on our necks when Government Speaks.

Dennis Prager Q & A

"Dennis Praeger:If Obama died today nothing would change.
Here's Why"

Spot-On!  The useful idiots came out in droves for this one, a sure indication that their ox had been gored.  Sample.

Dennis Prager is just another zionist warmonger to ignore.

I love how he likes to play intellectual in front of his idiotic audience.  Its pretty easy to be a giant amongst midgets.

Prager is suffering under a few ambient delusions, which by his rhetoric we can expect he will not easily remedy.  Yes, all that is true, that Americans have forgotten what it means to be an American.  But that did not happen vicariously, as in a vacuum.  That did not happen because of American prosperity.  It happened because where there is prosperity

  "They're preoccupied in Europe about vaction & retirement etc"?   Straw man argument . On the whole, people in Europe live much more secure and prosperous lives than millions of Americans , because they have a secure safety net, unlike the U.S.
Prager fails to mention that because of our disastrous supply side economic  system,

He referred to sarah (Palin) as govenor?! What a joke. 
  George M

When Jay Carney Speaks

Today's Metaphor