Sunday, May 18, 2014


Jews Flee France

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The American Thinker article The Ominous Implications for the West of Jews' Exodus from France  is about the exodus from France of French Jews, who are fleeing violence perpetrated by Muslims and apparently tolerated by the French government.   For anyone who's been paying attention, this isn't really news. But, as is often the case with American Thinker, there's more revealed in the Readers' Comments; jumping from anti-Semitism in France to anti-Semitism in America, we learn this:


There is a new wave of anti-Semitism in America that I continue to be amazed at. In the army, it really began after the First Gulf War. I witnessed officers, even senior officers go from admiring Israel and the Israeli armed forces, to cursing them as "those damned Kikes."

Mostly, this has happened due to our culture crashing and burning. Wide scale recruitment of Blacks and other minorities, brought their prejudices and bigotry toward Whites in general and Jews in particular to the army.

A Jew in the army is a double target. First, he's White and second he's a Jew. That really irks the Bros and the Hoes! To maintain any possible standard of discipline, the leadership has had to adjust and accept the prejudice and bigotry of the ranks. Consequently, we have the most hostile environment possible for Jewish soldiers, on a scale not seen since before WW2.

As the army grows smaller, due to defense cuts, reduction in mission requirements, or whatever, the cadre that remains, will be more and more "politically reliable" and will serve as a tool of the Liberal Socialist movement.

This will be accomplished through selective retention, not necessarily of the best and most talented officers and soldiers, but through their dedication to (Liberal Socialist) Democrats! 0bama has had six years already, to weed out politically unreliable General Officers, and the weeding is extending its way down as far as possible, as the army shrinks.

If the next president happens to be a Republican, he/she will have a disloyal General Staff, not necessarily interested in "obeying the orders of the President of the United States," but more in tune with advancing Liberal Socialist causes and objectives. Ridding the army of Jews is one of them.

 skoonj  @ George Santayana


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