Friday, June 27, 2014


I'm a little teacup
 short and stout
Here is my handle
here is my spout

Computers all blow

Oh My

Brand new 3T Disk Drive.  No root file.  Restore disks I bought from MS for this computer announce "This program will not run on this computer." 

Windows XP don't get a look. 

The only disk that works is the Linux startup disk, but "no root file."  This is exactly what my old 2T disk was doing wtf.  Stab me in the fkn liver. 

Is there any way to give someone remote access to this POS?  Who can fix it?  We used to have three small computer shops in the area, but like phone booths they've disappeared.

By the by, MoSup at my suggestion watched RAKE (netflix) last night.  She suggested that it was a good man thing.  I love it.


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