Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When Turley Turns ...


Jonathon Turley steps to the plate:
“Mr. Obama 'has reached a constitutional tipping point that threatens a fundamental change in how our country is governed.'”

 A prominent law professor and avowed supporter of the Obama White House will tell the House on Wednesday that the president has created one of the biggest constitutional crises in the country’s history and will endorse House Republicans’ effort to sue to rein him in.

Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, will say President Obama is trampling the founders’ vision for the country in his push to circumvent Congress, and he will demand Republicans and Democrats alike forget their party labels to unify against this White House’s power grab.

“What we are witnessing today is one of the greatest challenges to our constitutional system in the history of this country,” Mr. Turley said in a prepared testimony, saying it began with previous presidents but under Mr. Obama has “reached a constitutional tipping point that threatens a fundamental change in how our country is governed.”

This could be a major big deal.  Turley has legal circle gravitas. In 1998 when Paula Jones filed her lawsuit against President Clinton, the whole Clinton Machine ,en masse, hooted, bellowed and stomped that Paula Jones was trailer trash looking for some limelight.  Then Turley, as I remember, went public with an opinion that Paula Jones seemed sincere; her version of events documented and seemingly solid.  

Next thing we know, Slick became the first sitting president deposed in a criminal case.  He lied, and was later impeached, then convicted of perjury and forced to relinquish his law license.

Nigeria is Nigeria

This Just In ...

After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup, the Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that traveled to Brazil.
He said he just needs their bank details and pin numbers to complete the transaction.

Marc Miller

A Friend's Last Day

What?  You Have Something in Your Eye?

It's always tough having to say goodbye to a loved one, but a Houston photographer's split-second decision to chronicle the last day of her friend's dog broke down the Internet, literally, with condolences from thousands.

Within days after posting the story about a black Labrador named Duke on her website, photographer Robin Arouty, had more than 100,000 visits, the story was shared thousands of times from both her blog and her Facebook page. Even her website had malfunctions because of the high traffic.

Last week the Roberts family had to say farewell to Duke, their loyal black Labrador who was diagnosed with bone cancer a few years back had to be euthanized by her owner, Jordan Roberts, a close friend of Roberts.

"When I walked in & saw the hamburgers on the counter I knew some special things were about to happen, I just felt it," Arouty posted in her blog. "Funny, Jordan told me yesterday 'I don't even remember you taking pics. All I remember is you holding my hand.' "

According to a report on KLTV-TV, Duke had one of his legs removed and later on was diagnosed with hemngiosarcoma. With no options left, Roberts had to put her dog to sleep.

"We struggled with the decision to let Dukey go, but ultimately did everything in our power to protect him from further pain," said Jordan told KLTV. "With the help from our friends, Dukey had a beautiful day filled with love and happiness. We should all be so lucky."

The Roberts family decided to invite Arouty, who is a photographer, animal rescuer and advocate based in Houston, to be there for moral support.

Many people passed on words of support for the Roberts family for their loss on Arouty's website.

"What a wonderful heartwarming & heartbreaking story our thoughts are with all who knew and loved Dukey he was a hero in the dog world despite his pain he never lost his ability to LOVE as you all loved him our thoughts are with you," Tony Simms posted.

From eating hamburgers, being with the Roberts family, take a walk and play in the water, Duke spent a special last day with his family and came to and end as he was put to sleep at the park.

"What a blessed life he had with a family that adored him," Candace Hill posted on the blog. "I hope that his family will open their hearts again to another rescue when the time is right."

For more on Duke's last day visit Auroty's blog.

I think Metzger sent this, but correct me.  I received it during my restoration, and while I linked it, I didn't save the e-mail.  Anyway, I think we've all been there, and more than once.  Don't tell SondraK; it'll destroy her—bless her dog loving heart.

Squishing Food Ad Hoc

                                                           FOOD TIP

The rollover pretty much explains it.  Yes, I have a panini machine, but I often want to press something ad hoc, without the fuss.  This gallon can of Hunt's Sauce serves me well.  You're welcome.

Angry Teeny Texter

                    Today's Culture


In a post below, Leonard Jones responds to restaurant woes caused by texters with with this example.  Caution - it's edited and contains language that is today, regrettably, the common patois of many American teen aged school girls.