Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Name a country where Muslim √©migr√©s  have peacefully transitioned into their new culture.

They Ain't None
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Rep John Lewis- Donk All-Star

Via Breitbart:

An emotional Rep John Lewis (D-GA) took to the house floor Wednesday to argue against the House Republicans proceeding with a lawsuit against President Barack Obama.
“From the first day in office, the Republicans in this House has never supported this president,” Lewis yelled. “Every olive branch he extended was broken. But today, Mr. Speaker, they have reached a low, a very low point. This resolution to sue the president just goes a little too far. It is a shame and a disgrace that we are here debating the suing of the president. The American people deserve better. We can do better. We can do much better.”

“He has a point, Democrats were so supportive of the Bush administration, the least we can do is back Obama”said nobody.

And the gravitas