Monday, August 18, 2014

5 New Dictionary Words

  5 Surprising New Words Being Added to the Oxford Dictionaries

I knew Douchbaggery and Side Boob, but the rest I tried to decipher.  See how I did.

5.  Douchebaggery

Douchebaggery (n.): obnoxious or contemptible behavior. 
Example: The level of douchebaggery on 'Jersey Shore' was unbelieveable!
See: douchebag, d-bag

4. Cray  - My Guess

Cray [n] Smart as a Cray Computer

Example: "That dude is cray."

3. Side Boob

Side Boob (n.):
This is easy. 

1) The Democrat VP Candidate
2) The side part of a woman's breast, as exposed by a revealing item of clothing.


YOLO (abbrev.): "You're low on your payment"

Example: "YOLO on yo vig MoFO!"

1. Listicle

Listicle (slang), leaving lipstick on the testicles during an  act of fellatio as a form of branding.  

Example: "Half the men in the bar sported Sherry's 'Bubble Gum Pink Listicle'  last  night."


Fix It Yourself                                       


Craig's List Roof Koreans

   HELTER SKELTER  Provoking Racial Unrest                                                               


No wonder Orientals thrive in the United States; "Flee Market Entrepeneur" is their religion.

The O Club via Marc Miller

Alinsky-ing Here Boss,

Only a "Generation?"

Democrat Media Monkeys

      richard • a day ago

      "NYTimes Reporter: Obama ‘greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation"

      It's too bad the NY Times reporters weren't reporting that a few years back. But I can't say that I feel sorry for the reporter, James Risen. Those at the NYT helped breathe life into the Obama campaign, and helped create the monster we now have as a president. So any suffering the NYT might be experiencing at the hands the creature, is in my opinion, poetic justice.

                       we don't need rinos  richard • a day ago

            phony NewYorkTimes reporters are too stupid, to know the messiah would also turn on them ,for being diumbassses to believe that covering up Obama lies would exempt them from Obama lawless acts

                  user598486  we don't need rinos • a day ago

                  Liberals are very stupid people..

                        William Torrey  user598486 • a day ago

                        And dangerous!

                              Nantan Lupan  William Torrey • 20 hours ago

                              Leftist proletariat think that their totalitarian dictators will protect them. They think they are special and exempt from the fury of the fed simply because they joined the collective. Too late they realize that they are disposable cogs in the machine, just like everyone else.

                                    Nedarc  Nantan Lupan • 18 hours ago

                                    Lenin was famous for saying he surrounded himself with 'Useful Idiots'...Uncle Valdemar meet Obama.

                                          WHO?  Nedarc • 18 hours ago

                                          Totalitarians ALWAYS eliminate their competition once their usefulness runs out. Hitler's Night of the Long Knives comes to mind.

                                                Adam_DC  WHO? • 17 hours ago

                                                Narcissists don't have friends or allies, only victims and potential victims.

                                                victor yao  WHO? • 16 hours ago

                                                Obviously, you have no understanding of why totalitarian is. Stop outsmarting your own IQ.

                                                      WHO?  victor yao • 15 hours ago

                                                      Thank you. The mere fact that you have expended the energy to shriek like a snubbed schoolgirl over a statement of simple fact has proven out a theory that I proposed several years ago. My newly established theorem states that the Third Reich, Islamic Terrorism, and the U.S. Progressive all exist on contiguous planes in phase space. My further related hypothesis is that, following the laws of sinusoidal physics, these three parallel ideologies will indeed merge to singularity cusp. Time will tell. Your cooperation is appreciated.

                                                      guest  victor yao • 2 hours ago

                                                      And you think you are smarter? Step back Bozo you are not too intelligent yourself.

Discussing NYTimes Reporter: Obama ‘Greatest Enemy To Press Freedom In A Generation’

Helter Skelter News

   HELTER SKELTER  Provoking Racial Unrest                                                               

After a week of riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, Charles Ogletree, the Harvard Law professor who was President Barack Obama's mentor, predicted that this is just the beginning of more unrest.

 saw dat coming, wot?

Rick Perry Smelling the Roses

 Ham Sandwich Indictments

Perry has moved up considerably in my election calculus


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