Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Obama Viral Video

Obama Viral

This is stunningly well done ... 

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Her Filthiness Breathes Yet

The Clinton Machine Is Alive

... Blue State Digital's “Vote Different” was the first political mash-up of the first presidential campaign following the inception of  (Google's ownership of ) YouTube. More than any officially sanctioned ad, it encapsulated the rebellious passions of the young, progressive tech-savvy opposition to the all-but-certain nominee[Hillary].

 According to the Gallup poll at the time of the video’s release, Hillary Clinton had a healthy double-digit lead over Barack Obama (Al Gore was third with 18 percent support). Over the next year, Blue State Digital would raise more than a half-billion dollars for the insurgent Obama campaign and build a support community of more than 13 million volunteers nationwide as he seized the nomination the Clintons had assumed was theirs for the asking. This was the landmark moment for that section of the American left that had dubbed itself “the progressives.”

Six years later, the picture for progressivism is very different. Once again, the nomination is Hillary Clinton’s for the asking—but this time, it seems as if the only resistance progressives will offer is mild indeed.

In 2008, the progressive movement delivered a shocking upset to the established Democratic order, rejecting Clintonian Third Way politics and the Democratic Leadership Council to go with Hope and Change. Today, the same movement has largely thrown in the towel, surrendering their ideological principles in favor of winning at all costs. Even the name of Hillary’s Super PAC, “Ready for Hillary,” suggests the tired acquiescence of those who once doubted her superiority as a leader. While more descriptive, it would’ve been a pain to write “How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Hillary Clinton” on all those donation checks. Progressives are ready to be part of the Clinton team.
But this is about more than just disappointment in Barack Obama’s failure ... It is about the path to electoral victory and the shifting nature of a Democratic Party that’s moving toward a new reality where Obama’s aspirational progressivism takes a back seat to Clintonian priorities.
Whatever the case, it is telling that this is a rare issue—one where the personal views of the president of the United States are largely irrelevant—on which Hillary must grovel for forgiveness for her past sins. [...]

 In practice, the party now resembles a protection racket with an army of volunteers, with friends who never suffer and enemies who never relax. And who are those enemies? Not big business or Wall Street, which has paid their way to new alliances; not America’s insurers, whose products Democrats have made it illegal not to buy; not privacy-challenging government, which Obama has expanded to unprecedented degrees. No, the only enemies who really matter to today’s Democratic Party are those wayward intolerant social-policy traditionalists with their un-American views of religious liberty.   [The Clinton Machine Is Alive]

Benjamin Domenech's The Clinton Machine Is Alive is somewhat lengthy, but offers good insight into the state of the Statist Party these days.  A party which  "last great white hope"  is (gak!) Massachusetts's not ready for prime-time Senator Elizabeth Warren.  A party which only true enemy are those wayward intolerant social-policy traditionalists with their un-American views of religious liberty.  In other words, it is the same Democrat Party that came into power with Nixon's ouster; a party where the only thing held sacred is total control gained and held at all cost. Schutzstaffe