Saturday, October 04, 2014

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Terps - Ohio State

Today's Prediction

Ohio State by 18.  Sigh.

A Role Play ...

I know this much ...

I'm trying to put myself in the place of those 6 in 10 Americans who don't know what party controls the United States House, or Senate.  But here's what I do know. 

  • I know lots of people who are unemployed, and cannot find a full time job.
  • If I'm married, I'm worried about the future (If I'm not married, but employed, all I worry about is tonight's date, or beating Ohio State). 
  • I know that a hell of a lot of illegal aliens are flooding the into the country from Mexico, or thereabouts, and I know that Obama and Democrats are letting more in.
  • Isn't that against the law?
  • I know there are reports of hundreds of Americans dying from an Ebola epidemic, which is worse than the Black Plague, and is sweeping the nation (I said I was disengaged);  I know those illegal immigrants are responsible.  I worry about my family.
  • I know I don't have health insurance, even though Obama promised it; or if I did have it, it's gone; or  if I do have health insurance, I'm paying through the nose for it, and I can't afford it. 
  • I know that Obama has been mucking things up around Iraq. He took our troops out, and now we had to go back.  But we're losing this time.
  • I know that Muslims over there are beheading children and journalists.
  • I don't like Muslims at all, and while I won't say it aloud, I fear them, and I wish all of them were expelled from the United States. 
  • I know that Obama is a Muslim, and a Democrat.
  • I know that there's an election in November. 
  • I should vote. 
  • If I do, it won't be for any Democrat.
That's not what I think.  I watch MSNBC and the Daily Show. I know better.

Kim Jong Un Fish Food?

The Nanny State - one regulation away from total bliss                       

It is impossible to know exactly what is going on in North Korea, but something big has happened. The third generation Kim dynasty heir, Kim Jong-un, has been missing from public sight for a month, and may be ill, dead, or overthrown. There is much speculation, and contradictory reports are circulating, including the assertion that Pyongyang is sealed off, and no one is being permitted to enter or leave.  But one fact is clear and it is dramatic.  CNN reports:

With Kim Jong Un out of sight for a month, a covey of North Korea's high officials popped down to South Korea for a last minute jaunt on Saturday, and delivered a diplomatic bonbon.

The three officials told South Korea that Pyongyang is willing to hold a second round of high-level meetings between late October and early November, South Korea's Unification Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

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That would dash all hope for a ‎Team America: World Police II, The Piglets

* Not born in Kenya

Petition to Deport Brock

Res Ipsa Loquitur

When the history is written, Larry Klayman will be among the scant few recognized for refusing to bury principles; be cowed by fear of the Alinsky-generated  label "birther."  Or, who  rationalized with  "this is a lost cause and detracts  from something or other."  USA-UAS-USA