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New York Times; Communist Enabler


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This week the New York Times ran two editorials pleading for a U.S. economic lifeline to the Castro brothers’ terror-sponsoring regime (i.e. to end the so-called embargo.) One editorial ran on Sunday the other on Tuesday. The second editorial contains the following:

In brief: so closely did the New York Times echo the sentiments of a Stalinist dictator that he gleefully ordered their article disseminated—almost word for word-- throughout his regime’s KGB-founded and mentored media. It gets better: “He (Fidel Castro) appeared to endorse the thrust of the editorial,” The second NY Times editorial boasts, “comparing it to an interview he gave in 1957 as a young rebel leader to a (New York) Times foreign correspondent at the time, Herbert Matthews…”
“Fidel Castro…has largely vanished from public view in Cuba. But the 88-year-old former president (italics mine) has not altogether abandoned the business of telling Cubans what to think.”

Is the Times --at long last!--acknowledging a totalitarian streak in the longest-reigning Stalinist dictator of modern history? Sure sounds like it. Now please pay close attention as the editorial continues:

“On Tuesday, Mr. Castro dedicated a column to an editorial published in The (New York) Times on Sunday that called on the Obama administration to restore diplomatic ties with the Cuban government and end the counterproductive (italics mine) embargo the United States has imposed on the island for decades. His take was remarkable for one main reason…quoting nearly every paragraph in the (our) editorial…Hosts of Cuban state-run radio stations (also) read Mr. Castro’s column and discussed its content…”  [Full]

Nothing new or different here, move along please.

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Liberal Racialists                                  

“Politically-correct liberals who see racism in everything -- including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches -- may celebrate the change. But, the Herald Sun added, many others called it "political correctness gone mad." “What ignorance," one reader told the Herald Sun. "The rhyme has nothing to do with race.”

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Pretend this this New York,  and  the thief is an illegal alien.

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Obama's Racial Revenge?

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest
"The boy then let it be known that the American Constitution was written by the Iroquois Indians."

It so happened that an 11-year-old boy came home from school one day and told his parents that the first European white people who came to America were so mean that they tried to kill the Indians by giving them blankets with smallpox germs. 

The boy’s father tried to use this as a teachable moment.  He asked his son to think if that made sense, even if the first white settlers were that evil.  How would they avoid getting smallpox themselves?  The boy then let it be known that the American Constitution was written by the Iroquois Indians.  The father informed his son that the Iroquois did not have an alphabetic written language, so they could not have written our Constitution.  The boy thought about the smallpox contagion problem but would not be dissuaded from his conviction that Iroquois Indians wrote the Constitution.

It also happens that this boy is a direct descendant of those same earliest colonials he had been taught in the public schools to despise.  The miseducated schoolboy (now older and wiser) is a 14th-generation American.  He descends from an Englishman who, with his wife and eight children, in 1638 sailed on the Susan and Ellen to the land that came to be called New England.  The boy’s forbears established the oldest privately deeded homestead in the United States in Windsor, Connecticut.  Let us hearken back to that fateful moment on the rough dock in Braintree, England and picture Joseph turning to his wife Mary, as harried husbands do when embarking with a large brood on a lengthy journey: “Honey, didst thou remember to pack the smallpox blankets?”

Over the centuries, smallpox did have devastating effects on the populations of American Indians.  However, hard evidence is lacking that Indians were intentionally handed smallpox-infested blankets by white settlers.  The globalization of disease is a natural consequence of human adventuring.  For example, there is substantial scientific evidence that Christopher Columbus brought syphilis back to the Old World.  Ward Churchill, that poster boy of leftist mendacity, was fired from the University of Colorado because he fabricated claims that American soldiers conducted a smallpox genocide against the American Indians.  To the extent that that belief persists, it contributes to a collective dissociative state. [Racial Revenge: Infected Immigrants as Human Smallpox Blankets continued]

Skoonj regularly forwards comments from his doppelgänger, one Stu Tarlowe; usually referencing an American Thinker article.  Like Skoonj, I find myself in harmony with Stu on most occasions.  This is one of them.

You may, of course, choose not to believe the premise of this article, that Obama & Co. are waging biological warfare against the United States of America.

You may also choose not to believe that Obama & Co. are driven by "anti-colonialism" which, at its heart, is really a deep-seated resentment and animus toward white people.

You may choose not to believe that Obama & Co. are guilty of the same (if not worse) kind of racism with which they delight in branding their critics.

You may even still be in thrall to Obama and believe that all opposition to him is rooted in racism.

You may choose not to believe that even Obama & Co.'s racism is but a tool exploited by Marxists to undermine and destroy the United States.

And you may believe that those who still see such an insidious Marxist threat are delusional and paranoic.

You may be what Lenin called a "useful idiot"; but (as Mark Twain would say) I repeat myself.*