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I'm not excluding so called "date rape," but too often that's a nebulous deal; but clear-cut violent rape, where a woman is assaulted by someone she doesn't know, nor has any relationship with, is, or ought be, a capital offense.  So, is Rape-X a good idea? Here's

HBKanedge818's comment on the You Tune site.

This is a Fail. Think about it. This will only enrage the rapist to the point of Murdering the Woman.

If it's true that rape is an act of hate against women, then this deal could indeed be lethal.  But there's other reasons why I don't like it.  Just below I posted about SWAT-ing, a practice where lawless anti-gun Liberal loons, of whom we are aswamp, send police a false report about a gunman who is in fact just someone they know who carries.  These people are violent haters; True Believers who will stop at nothing to advance their movement.  Can we think of another group of Lib activists similarly  populated by sick minded hatersman haters?  That's right, "women liberation" skanks.  The RapeX sheath can be, in their hands, a weapon, not a prevention. 

Today's prediction

On  Nov 4, 1961 I attended my third ever college football game.  Watched Maryland beat Top Ten ranked Penn State 21-17.  It would be the only time the Terps would beat Penn State.  They play today, and before kick-off I will post my prediction.  At this moment I see a Terps win, but my true feeling on such things best manifest 1 minute before the game.  I do not hate Penn State, but I do despise James Franklin, their coach.  He is in my mind the college football equivalent of  ex-UCONN BB coach Jim Calhoun; a liar and a cheat.

Back in 45 minutes.

Okay Maryland 42, Penn State 27
If MD's QB Brown can get the ball close to his  receivers, we win.  I'm saying that Brown can't be as bad as he was against Wisconsin.  Book it.

RUH ROH - The refs gave MD a 15 yard penalty
BEFORE the opening kickoff. 



‘SWAT-ting,’ a technological exploit in which hackers (or those with the ability to ‘spoof’ telephone numbers or otherwise fool emergency response networks) simulate emergency calls in order to direct law enforcement officers to a specific address. Often, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and other modern telecommunications methods are used to hide the caller’s true identity. Notably, SWAT-ting was originally invented as a new means of silencing conservatives by liberals. Here's an example .... 

Fairfax, Virginia, resident and open-carry advocate Robert Dickens heard the police siren and saw the lights, so he very carefully stopped his motorcycle, locked his hands on his head and calmly waited for instructions.

He said yes when an officer asked if he could remove a handgun from a holster Dickens was wearing. He gave the same answer when the officer asked to take temporary custody of a pocketknife he had in his pocket.

In the end, he’s thankful he’s still alive after an up-close and personal encounter with “swatting,’ the practice of making a false report of an on-going critical incident to prompt an emergency response.

“Wow, I could have been killed!” he wrote in a report on the Bearing Arms website of an October incident in which officers from many police units suddenly pulled up around him while he was riding his motorcycle home from a couple of errands.

Such swatting incidents are becoming more common. They started out with Internet gamers who would hide behind online personas and anonymous names to report that their gaming opponent had a gun or had taken hostages.

The response often is a full-scale SWAT team at the location, with guns drawn and military vehicles at the ready. It’s even happened to actor Clint Eastwood.

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History of the Eagles


Friday night I got up to water the plants and had trouble getting back to sleep, so I rang up NetFlix on the iPad and stumbled over "History of the Eagles."  I was never really an Eagles fan; they came along after I was married and had a family, etc., and by then I listened to talk radio in the car.  Anyway, the next thing I know the sun was up!  The thing is 3 hours and 7 minutes.  Needless to say, I was fascinated; it's the best (after Spinal Tap - that was real, wasn't it?) band documentary I've seen.  Daily Motion breaks it into 4 parts and I've embedded part one as a sampler; but NetFlix is the way to go.

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12 Senses You Didn't Know About

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