Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Narc Dogs

China, yo time is up

Something I saw ...

The Air Force already bought one.

So did Nike, BMW, and Disney World. Jay Leno has one in his garage (but it's not a car). And now that the sticker price has plummeted from $100,000 to $799, it won't be long before everyone buys one.

Business Insider says it's "the next trillion dollar industry." The Economist has gone even further, comparing its history-changing impact to the steam engine and the printing press.

Too good to be true? Wall Street thinks so. Meanwhile, technology watchers are whispering that this invention could be "bigger than the internet."

See, the innovators behind the iPod, Google and Amazon.com have been big boosters all along. And you still have time to join them — if you act fast.

Because when the skeptics wise up, the big money will already be off the table.

The opportunity to profit from a transformative technology like this might come along once in a lifetime.

That's why The Motley Fool is releasing this stunning investor alert video — to help individual investors like you jump on the 3 stocks that get you the biggest piece of the action.

I was wrong.  *Slaps head*.  What did you guess?  ANSWER



Headlines they'd expect ...

Actual Headline on Drudge

What your grandparents expected would follow

Governor warns that deadly force will be used against rioters ...

President offers Gov. use of B-17s and Sherman tanks

Beating the coin man ...



not this ...

... this

One way I used to get free calls was to drop the nickel into the slot and simultaneously smack the coin return button with the meaty part of the palm, just below the thumb.  Done properly, you got your coin back and a dial one.   I heard stories of taping the coin onto some thread and reeling it back in after getting the dial tone, but never tried that.  If your parents (or employer) used a dial phone lock, you could dial your number by tapping the number, Morse Code-like, using the cradle button.  Even worked for long distance.

And yes, you had to confess it. 

Joni Sure Has Balls

a major award                                                  

Joni's Castratos

I'm not sure this augers well for the commonweal, coming from the conservative press and all, but it certainly makes the point.

Politico Circle of Jerks


Leon already wrote about this polling earlier.More Americans dislike Obamacare. Along comes this epic tweet from Glenn Thrush of the Politico, a member of the Circle of Jerks™, formerly known as the Gang of 500, which members of the Circle of Jerks themselves came up with (that’d be the DC-NYC political press):

Got that.

If only Obama was a better communicator people would realize how great the benefits are that they’re enrolling into.

Or, how about people are being forced into a system they don’t want? It is amazing that reporters, and Thrush is not alone, can look at enrollment numbers coupled with growing unpopularity and think Barack Obama just needs to give a better speech.

Their God-King fails them.