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Baby Killers and Consequences

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Warner Todd Huston 

Abortion activists are taking the next, logical step in their justification of abortion by agreeing that, yes, abortion kills a human baby, but… “so what?” It is just the next logical step in abortion apologia that results from the end of the Christian philosophical influence in society. But we don’t see that end affecting just abortion. We see it throughout society.

Whether leftists like the idea or not, the United States of America was conceived as a Christian nation. Not a Catholic one, not a Muslim one, not a Jewish one and not a secular one, but a Christian nation built solidly on the Christian ethos. Every state initially formed with a particular flavor of Protestantism as a state sanctioned religion and our entire culture was fueled by the twin influences of Christian philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment.

It is certainly true that our form of government is essentially secular in that it is not guided or controlled by any particular religion, but the ethics underlying those governments where heavily informed by Christian ethics.

The left, though, has been angling to destroy the underlying Christian ethos since the turn of the last century as academia and the left became imbued with communist and socialist propaganda.

The efforts to destroy the bedrock principles upon which the nation was built began under the destroyer of our education system, John Dewey, who, along with famed “History” professor Charles Beard, worked to tear down America’s founding principles and replace them with socialist-inspired anti-American ideals. (And they succeeded, by the way.)


A regular theme of mine.  It is, or ought be, a no brainer that nations which share a common language and religion are more stable.  In our case it was English and Christianity.  Din't matter if you were agnostic, atheist or just going along to get along; everyone gained by the common dialectic and guardrails by osmosis.  Agent provocateurs like Madalyn Murray O'Hair, to name just one,  who argued "tyranny of the majority" have won.  So now it's tyranny of the minority.  How's that working? 


Wabano said...

Madalyn had an "interesting" end...

Anonymous said...

Hecklers' Veto


Anonymous said...

The author of that article should actually read the Constitution. You know, the document that describes what the country should look like, how it should be governed, and so forth. The Constitution contains only two references to religion and both are negative.

The Framers had the ability to write whatever they wanted - if they wanted the country to be a "Christian Nation" (whatever that may mean) they could have, and I'm sure would have, said as much.

Anonymous said...

Previous commenter said:
"The Framers had the ability to write whatever they wanted - if they wanted the country to be a "Christian Nation" (whatever that may mean) they could have, and I'm sure would have, said as much."

They did. They said:

"done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,"

They also exempted the President from working on Sunday. Look it up.

Diogenes' Lamp

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