Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baquet- that's French int it?

Face Book Duel

USC Annenberg journalism professor Marc Cooper

A question for NYTimes editor Dean Baquet.  Exactly how many people
have to be shot in cold blood before your paper rules that you can show us
what provoked the killers?  Apparently 23 shot including 11 dead is not
enough.  What absolute cowardice.  These MSM managers act is if they are
running insurance companies, not news organizations. 

Dean Baquet Dear Marc, appreciate the self righteous second guessing
without even considering there might be another point of view.  Hope your
students are more open minded.  Asshole.

hilarity ensues


bocopro said...

Always find it amazing that the liberal press such as the NYT and LAT always find exactly the right amount of news to fill all the pages of their paper.

The conservative ones, WSJ and Washington Times, completely fill theirs as well, but half of the stuff they report doesn’t even show up in the liberalista rags, and if it does, it gets buried on page 17 with only a fraction of the ink.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Re: the WSJ being conservitive. Only on the editorial pages. Elsewise they're the NYT. In my view.

Wabano said...

State secret...everywhere except in America they report 2,000 plus were murdered friday by Boko Aram...all were children, women and old folks that could not escape the muslim killers fast enough...

Kim du Toit said...

What Rodge said. The WSJ is a pinko rag outside the Editorial pages.

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