Thursday, January 22, 2015

But 38% is close enough ...

cuzzin ricky

Evidently, Yes


bocopro said...

Many of the doomsayers'climate prediction models have turned out to be epic failures.

But the ultimate wet-rag slap in the face on the whole thing is the total absence of sea-level rise.

Anonymous said...


The science is settled Part Whatever.

I recently read the “average” (suspicious word that) sea level has risen .05 inches in the last one hundred or so years.

The Bay of Fundy in Canada has tides up to 50 ft.

That’s a ratio of about 12000 to 1.

Hmm! Why do I believe anyone that says that this increase in sea level is a problem?

Well, I don’t.

Jess said...

I heard they've acquired Mitt Romney as a new guest on the bus of Bozo true believers. I'm guessing he's scared the Great Salt Lake will get too fresh, and the damned foreigners will be wanting to fish from the banks.

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