Friday, January 09, 2015

Creepy Biden

What I See

What intrigues me about this unexplained Joe Biden photo is the electric cord.   Indicates foreign soil.  Ahem. At best, it's creepy.  So is this:

  ... and we could had Sarah Palin.


Esteve said...

The only negative with having Sarah as VP is that we would have McCain as president.

Tom Smith said...

Did he go to Penn State?

Anonymous said...

Biden has always pegged the needle into the red zone on my Creep-O-Meter.

Phil N. LeBlanc

toadold said...

I didn't mark the site but I read that a lot of Republican legislators were shocked at the number of phone calls that they got from constituents opposing amnesty and wanting their reps to do something about it.
A few of them are starting to develop flop sweat over 2016 and in some cases a fear of recall petitions.

Anonymous said...

Molest my daughter like that, then Secret Service detail or not, you're about to have a very bad, but very short, day.

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