Monday, January 26, 2015

Liar Press


It's amazing what we haven't been told about the Pegida marches in Germany, especially the large one in Leipzig several days ago.  Chances are the mainstream media has told you, if anything at all, that the marchers are neo-Nazis, and were heroically confronted by anti-fascist (how ironic) counter demonstrators.  The article below appeared in Breitbart.  It's a good read, and has a lot of information the mainstream media forgot about. - Skoonj

The fact that many of the supporters appear to be middle class, grandparents, or young couples doesn’t matter. As one government minister remarked, they are merely “Pinstripe Nazis”. Nor does it matter that as was revealed on Wednesday, 20-year old Eritrean Khaled Idris Bahray was actually killed by his flat mate, rather than a roving band of politically engaged Germans protesting against government policy.
LEIPZIG, Germany – Wednesday night saw a flare of violence and an accompanying police operation on a scale without precedent in recent German history. A group opposing militant Islam in Europe has called a demonstration, the city is deafened by political slogans played over loudspeakers, property is vandalised, and explosives are thrown at police in colossal running battles that involve thousands of people.

If you got your news from the mainstream media, what is increasingly known in Germany as the ‘liar press’ (Luegenpresse), the story might very well end there. Then again, the report might also throw in salacious details about the former leader of this movement and his colourful past, or the tragic death of an immigrant man who was killed shortly after a demonstration in Dresden last week. [Full]


Anonymous said...

Looks like the 48ers are alive and well back home as well as in the White House. -Anymouse

Helly said...

Well, the Luegenpresse didn't tell us about ObamaCare costing $50,000 PP either.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Luegenpresse: The Liar Press: This is so much more accurate than calling them "the main stream media" or "legacy media".

They aren't "main stream" anymore. The big three broadcast networks plus PBS are despised or ignored by an increasing percentage of Americans.

They aren't our "legacy". Legacy implies they have some current relevance to our lives. They don't.

They are the Liar Press. Leave it up to the Germans.

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