Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progressives-The Same Everywhere

It appears the Australia’s first libertarian senator has some harsh words for “anti discrimination leftists” who wish to crack down on free speech.

An anti free speech social Democrat named Gary Burns in Australia got a firm rebuke when he wrote to senator David Leyonjhelm about how Australia’s multiculturalism is the law. Leyonjhelm responded harshly, saying “Go fuck yourself you communist turd.”

Australia has free speech codes, not a First Amendment like the United States. People can be prosecuted for offending others. It’s pretty disgusting and sad, but this exchange is a thing of beauty. Praise to Senator Leyonjhelm for his guts!

Via Tommy Lee Smith-a-roni


Hamm172 said...

Same problem in Canada. You can have a "Human Rights Tribunal" hound and prosecuted those who hurt your feelings so long as you're not any combination of Caucasian, Christian, conservative, heterosexual, or Jewish.

Anonymous said...

I would be rendered completely mute. I offend with almost every breath. Even my hands would be a risk, although manageable. I'm not Italian after all. -Anymouse

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