Thursday, January 15, 2015

Secret Service Secret

News they'd expect ...


Four top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

What your grandparents expected would follow

The Secret Service is forcing out four of its most senior officials while two others are retiring — the biggest management shake-up at the troubled agency since its director resigned in October after a string of security lapses.

The departures will gut much of the Secret Service’s upper management, which has been criticized in recent months by lawmakers and administration officials who say it has fostered a culture of distrust between agency leaders and its rank-and-file and made poor decisions that helped erode the quality of this once elite agency.

A spokesman for the venerable service said under a condition of anonymity that institutional hatred for a man they know is not even a United States citizen has made it very difficult for anyone to commit to "taking one for the president."  She added, "I mean, these Obama people are the same that grampa gave his life fighting against in WWII!"


Tom Smith said...

Gave the car keys to a child...........wrecked the car. Not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Someday, hopefully we will all come to realize the benefit of the two terms of this administration.

If not for them who would've exposed and cleaned up all of this crime, corruption and incompetence that is so far wide spread.

The Secret Service, the Military where almost 300 Senior Leaders have been bounced, gays allowed and soon women in combat.

Bush sent a few U.S. Attorney's packing and the entire world came apart, if you believed what the dems were back then.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad start now fow: HEW, EPA, Dept Ed, etc, etc, ect..

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