Thursday, January 22, 2015

Su Casa Mi Casa (Dems)

Today's Metaphor


Anonymous said...

Actually I think the raccoons on my porch are a better metaphor.

They show up with their extended families in tow, bitch at the cats until they leave then lounge around all day stuffing their faces and quarreling with each other.

Rather than grabbing the and running, they act like they deserve whatever they are taking.

Anonymous said...

He grabbed a big hand full of blunts after intimidating the cat that owns the store.

Jess said...

Why am I thinking of Ferguson?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Then they shit in the barn loft. Going on a stakeout this weekend. Worms, distemper, rabies; no negatives in shooting these little bastards. I tolerate polecats more than coons.

Anonymous said...

F'n pussies.


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