Saturday, January 03, 2015

Well, the B1G is a Football Conference After All

Unobtrusive Gloat



Chris in NC said...

Yep! First year in and the class of the conference so far. Let's see how it is at the end of February. :)

Anonymous said...

But when all is said an done you still live in Maryland.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I luv these:

Gopher fans forum quotes.....
Bunch of whiny pussies. Shut up Terps fans, you’re softer than our players are!

I now understand why Duke hated MD so much…the fans, players and coaches are a bunch of whiny bitchez.

I officially hate the Twerps. Go back to the ACC where you belong.

And my favorite…..

#10. looks like a more effeminate Christian Laettner. Nice tights.

by jimmyraven on Jan 3, 2015 | 2:14 PM reply

Anonymous said...

Unobstrusive GOAT?


Helly said...

Invisible sports posts. Commendable.

Captchas suddenly have become near impossible.

Ron in Ohio said...

From Ron in Ohio - An uncommitted BIG-10 (?) fan

OK Rog - So ya' think it's gonna' last? I don't think so! Just go to and look up each of the BIG-10 (?) team's "2014-15 OVERALL RANKINGS" - There, you'll see just how pathetic Maryland's stats. are. Oh, and while your at it, check out the other 13 team's opponents so far. Although we all know that the 2nd most stupid inequity with NCAA basketball is their early season schedule. Ya' know, scheduling the likes of, The Little Sisters of the Poor or an NAIA Business College to pad their records. Look at who they've played, compared to the rest of the BIG-10 (?). And before ya' ask - The greatest inequity in NCAA basketball - Is the majority black players on almost all teams who don't represent the demographics of their college or their state. - Oh my God! THAT'S RACIST! - SORRY.

Oh, and your "Well, the B1G is a Football Conference After All" comment is rather strange after all of the gushing you did back in September about Maryland gonna' dominate the season. How did that work out for ya'?

74.4 37.8 11.6 .465
7th in the BIG-10 5th in the BIG-10 11th in the BIG-10 6th in the BIG-10

As you can see, statistically speaking, that would put Maryland in the upper middle of the BIG-10(?) standings which is about where they should end up at seasons end. This year the BIG-10 (?) will be dominated by Indiana, Ohio State & Michigan State with a possibility of Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue doing some damage.

So, after 15 games Maryland has played only 3 "Quality" teams and has beaten 2 Meanwhile around the BIG-10:

Purdue has played 9 "Quality" teams and has beaten 5.
Wisconsin has played 7 "Quality" teams and has beaten 6.
Indiana has played 6 "Quality" teams and has beaten 4.
Northwestern has also played only 3 "Quality" teams and has beaten 1.
Iowa has played 5 "Quality" teams and has beaten 2.
Ohio State has played 6 "Quality" teams and has beaten 3
Rutgers has played 6 "Quality" teams and has beaten 3.
Michigan has played 7 "Quality" teams and has beaten 3.
Michigan State has played 6 "Quality" teams and has beaten 2.
Nebraska has played 6 "Quality" teams and has beaten 3.
Penn State has played 9 "Quality" teams and has beaten 6.
Minnesota has played 7 "Quality" teams and has beaten 3.
Illinois has played 9 "Quality" teams and has beaten 4.

Esteve said...

Ron, get a grip. It's basketball!

Sidwit said...

Was this a high school poll?

bocopro said...

Played just about every ball game available -- basketball, football, baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, golf . . . even gave soccer a go way back in the 50s before it was cool for kids.

Today, being in my mid-70s and retired, with arthritis and hypertension and all that crap, you'd think I'd spend a lotta time watchin sports on TV.

But although I wake up each morning not knowin what I'm gonna do that day, some things are givens: I won't jump out of any perfectly good airplanes; I won't stick my schvanztuker in a meat grinder, and I won't watch basketball on TV . . . or baseball, or football, or any of those.

The only people who play the game correctly these days are little kids and women. They actually do it for the sport of it, the fun, and they don't walk all over the place, palm the goddam ball, or slam dunk. They THINK, and pass, and work for the open jumper or layup.

The best basketball I've seen in the past 40 years has been amongst Filipino teams, primarily because they're not too tall and have to rely on skill, but now even THEY are beginning to dunk the damned ball too much.

Tiger Woods got it right: Baseball is a game for Latino men. Basketball is a game for black men. Golf is a game for white men dressed like black pimps.

Ron in Ohio said...

From Ron in Ohio - An uncommitted BIG-10 (?) fan

Well Said and damned right, bocopro.

I too am in your generation with similar aches and pains. At our age - Life - is the only real game that we should be concerned with and we know that it is a game we will all eventually lose, even if we go into overtime. However, I differ slightly from your assessment of sports and sport watching.

I still enjoy watching a good baseball game. I guess its still in my blood after coaching baseball at various levels for over a dozen years, that seems like eons ago. Its still pretty much played by old Abner Doubleday's rules, with some changes of course.

But, basketball has totally lost me. It is no longer played anywhere near the way Dr. James Naismith invented it and the "team concept" seems to be gone. I'm also loosing interest in football at the college and pro levels for many of the same reasons and more.

That only leaves hockey, a game I was first attracted to about 30 years ago, as something I can stand to watch anymore.

If ya' wanna' watch good, "old time" sports action again, go see a high school baseball, basketball, football game. I'd advise to do that quick before all of the tradition, sportsmanship and "Team concept" are gone from it too and it is also spoiled by the "Me" and "What's in it for me" thinking.

bocopro said...

Roger dat. And then you remember what it was like in the 40s and 50s when we rarely had TV, and even when we did, it pretty much sucked in terms of clarity and all.

Loved the baseball games back then . . . on RADIO. Announcers knew what they were doing and made it sound more exciting than it actually was, even in a "pitchers' duel." Typical game took around 2 hours. Today it's more like 3.

Think I liked the fact that we had to create the images in our minds based on the word pictures from the announcers. It was somebody else's interpretation of what was happening, yes . . . but the only way we could "see" a basketball game was by imagining the action, the head fake, the no-look pass, the give and go for the layup.

And even better about radio was that a guy could be washing his car, or putting shingles on a roof, or painting a refurbished bicycle while enjoying a ball game and still get stuff built or fixed or cleaned instead of simply expanding his waistline and hardening his arteries.

Think baseball lost me with the designated hitter and the labor strikes, when they lost sight of the fact that it's a game and not ALL about the money.

To me, a pro athlete should get a nice, comfortable annual salary with medical coverage, transportation, and all those bennies. Then he gets bonuses AFTER the season based on how well the team did and his contribution to it. Any clear post-season profits (after expenses) would then be divvied up with the MVP types getting the biggest checks.

Making 8 or 9 figures for playing a damned game is obscene. Anything over what a senator or a governor or a general or an admiral makes should go into a general interest-earning retirement fund for when the idiot runs out of cash because he never finished school to learn how to do anything other than hitting or catching or throwing or kicking a friggin ball.

End rant.

Anonymous said...

WTF does this have to do with the Buckeyes?


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