Saturday, January 03, 2015

Where old time are not forgotten ...


Anonymous said...

It's a shame.
It's disgusting.
But the Prosecutor was an IDIOT.
And probably met the legal requirements with her words to have it overturned.
Disbar her.

A shame for the family of the victim.

Helly said...

Dittos to all the above. If you've got reliable witnesses, you don't need innuendo. Incompetent prosecutor needs firing.

Meanwhile, Idaho is developing somewhat of a reputation for state sponsored pedophilia.

Anonymous said...

As a Citizen of the great State of Idaho, all I can say is, time for new judges.

DougT said...

As an unfortunate resident of Canyon County, yes both the Court of Appeals and the Canyon County Prosecutors Office are populated by too many dim bulbs.

Just last year, that same Court of Appeals determined that felons convicted outside of Idaho had an absolute right to possess a firearm, despite a statute to the contrary, based on a simply ridiculous "analysis" of the placement of a comma in the statute.

An inordinate number of Canyon County prosecutors view themselves as quite the clever lot (this was not an innocent mistake by someone unfamiliar with the import of quoting the song), always seeking to push the envelope on otherwise simple cases. Certainly not reversible “misconduct,” but abject stupidity on the prosecutor's part.

It is rumored around the courthouse that, when asked how many D’s are in Dixie, most of the prosecutors answered “245.” When asked how they came up with that number, they answered “we got together and counted: ‘Dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee . . .”

Murphy(AZ) said...

It's the Cops fault! If they'd have shot him "while resisting arrest/trying to escape," no idiot judge could have pulled this decision out of his/her butt!

Anonymous said...

It only follows that some of the bottom of law school class, court-appointed atty-types work in the prosecutor's office too.

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